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Book Title Wonder Woman
Issue Number: 3
Published: February/March 1943
Cover Artists: Harry G. Peter
Writer: William Moulton Marston
Pencils: Harry G. Peter
Inker: Harry G. Peter
Letterer: N/A
Colourist: N/A
Editor: Sheldon Mayer
First Story Title: Doom On Diana's Day
Second Story Title: Paula Von Gunther, Invisible Spy
Third Story Title: The Rescue of Gerta Von Gunter
Fourth Story Title: Ordeal of Fire
Main Characters (in order of appearance):
Wonder Woman
(Princess Diana)
Paula Von Gunther Keela
Apollo Hippolyta Gerta Von Gunther

Cover of Wonder Woman #3

Plot Summary:

Wonder Woman has a number of encounters with her arch foe Baroness Paula Von Gunther which climaxes with the villainess finally transforming into one of Diana's most trusted allys and closest friends.

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