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Wonder Woman

The Timelines

This section contains a chronological time line of the main "Wonder Woman" comic book series based on the issue cover date. It also includes such titles as "Sensation Comics", "Comic Cavalcade" and "All Star Comics" to name but a few, along with other key "team up" titles such as "Justice League of America". In addition, one shots in which she was the main guest star, storylines in other books in which she played a significant role or in which the story was of significance to her character are also featured.

It should be noted that this Timeline by no means encompasses every single book throughout her extensive history, as the number of books she has featured in is vast. For a more comprehensive overview of other titles in which she has played a cameo role, you should refer to the "Appearances" section.

After being introduced in "All-Star Comics" #8 in January 1942, Wonder Woman went on to headline "Sensation Comics" during the same month. Later that Summer, she received her very own title as well as making regular appearances in Comic Cavalcade and teaming up with her Justice Society colleagues in "All Star Comics". Her origin, as well as that of her Amazonian sisters, was retold in the very first issue of "Wonder Woman".

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