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January 31st, 2016

Costume reset and other changes afoot at DC

It seems some form of sanity has prevailed at DC Comics and that the ridiculous 'clown' costume that the Finch's saddled Diana with has been quietly consigned to the trash can of history where it most definitely belongs. The fact that it went out with such a whimper speaks volumes and as an idea, it should forever be filed under the "most stupid one we've ever had" category! Though in truth, DC has had some truly awful ideas when it comes to Diana in the last several years so that is saying something!

Speaking of which, it seems that DC will be re-launching their entire line YET AGAIN in June, though are keen to make it clear that it is not ANOTHER re-boot. But word has it that the intent is to align the comics more with Zack Snyder's "movie-verse". Whether this means that the core characters will now only be depicted as their movie versions, or whether there will be an additional line of "movie" focused books to compliment the existing New 52 versions remains unclear.

So until we find out what DC has in store for Wonder Woman I am not going to be too hasty in re-instating updates to the Wonder Woman main book, even if the Finch travesty is dead and buried. As I have stated on numerous occaisions, this site will only document a canon version of Diana that is worthy of both the name "Wonder Woman" and of being a fitting legacy for her creator. So stay tuned...

Wonder Woman Movie

In other news, the CW channel in the U.S. released some teaser footage of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, which is currently in development - and which can be seen here...

While there are some interesting elements - with Gal making a great looking Diana Prince - many fans have commented on the consistent presence of a sword and shield - contunuing the complaints some have that this is more Xena than Wonder Woman - and that so far there has been not a single piece of footage featuring her lasso or bracelets - the iconic weapons she is most famous for. Also, it appears from the clips that this Diana uses her sword to actually kill her foes, though it is not clear enough yet from the brief footage shown if this is actually the case or not.

So, while it is of course exciting to think that this iconic character will finally earn her rightful place on the big screen, the jury is still out as to whether this is a version of Diana her creator would have been proud of...and that this is indeed a Wonder Woman movie - as opposed to a movie featuring a character who has been merely influenced by Wonder Woman.

Guest Blog by Daniel Curtis

Finally, something completely different. I was approached by an aspiring blogger, Daniel Curtis, who offered to write a piece for this site. With the imminent Superman vs Batman (plus not forgetting our first taste of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman!) movie release coming up and the inevitable video game tie-in that will follow, he has shared his thoughts on one of the most successful series of Batman video games. Read his fun piece below and make sure you check out this gaming blog, whose details are provided at the end of the article:

My top 3 Batman Arkham trilogy bosses/encounters!

The Arkham trilogy (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight; Arkham Origins doesn't count in the trilogy because Rocksteady didn't make that game) is one of the best gaming trilogies of all times, based on critical appeal, commercial success, and fan support. Naturally there are parts of each game that may not be perfect, which is to be expected. But for the most part the Arkham trilogy didn't do that much wrong. A lot of complaints (rightfully so for the PC edition) came with Arkham Knight but overall they were able to put those to rest and more, at least on the consoles. So that means there is a lot to focus on that the franchise did right. Frankly I could write many different posts about all that as I think Rocksteady did well in their games, but for this one I'll focus on my top 3 boss fights from the games. There are varying reasons as to why I enjoyed certain bosses, so here we go!

1. Arkham Knight tank/Batmobile battle (Arkham Knight). Yes, the tank battles have gotten a lot of heat from fans but to them I say get over it. If you don't like them you can focus on the rest of the game, in which there is a lot of action outside of the Batmobile. But to me the battle with the Arkham Knight in the Batmobile was absolutely edge of my seat type of stuff. I loved it. Not all of the tank battles had me all that thrilled, I'll admit, but this one was such a nail biter, and that is exactly what I want out of my boss fights. I want to be on the edge of my seat and have that euphoria that comes when you finally get the win. I can only imagine taking it on in the max difficulty setting.

2. Mr. Freeze (Arkham City). What's not to like about the Mr. Freeze fight? It's not the hardest fight, and frankly I don't think it puts it in the "edge of the seat" category like the aforementioned fight, but I do love this one. Why? Because you cannot beat this boss in any one manner. You can't just punch him over and over while dodging when needed. You have to use the environment. You have to be sneaky. You can be physical, but not purely and I love that. I love that you have to do something different for each time you want to take some of his health down. This will always be one of the best fights to me just because of that.

3. Killer Croc (Arkham Asylum). Okay, this one technically isn't a boss. At least not in a normal way. But sneaking around the sewers and having to avoid him when he springs up is a tense segment! Especially the first time you do it, it's so tense. I love it because it's a different encounter with one of the big baddies, one that's not replicated elsewhere, so it has a unique feel that doesn't find itself anywhere else. You always want encounters to be as different as possible from each other so that's a great thing. That Killer Croc encounter is my top one in the original game and that'll likely remain the case for the foreseeable future.

There is more that the Arkham trilogy does so right. But for sure these 3 bosses/encounters are my favorite for sure. It's a shame the trilogy is done with but what a ride! Now it's time for us all to get all the trophies/achievements 100%!

Daniel Curtis has been an avid video game player for 21 years, since he was 5 years old. He runs a popular blog dedicated to gaming at GamerZoneBlog.com so why not check it out today!