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Book Title Wonder Woman
Issue Number: 2
Published: Fall 1942
Cover Artists: Harry G. Peter
Writer: William Moulton Marston
Pencils: Harry G. Peter
Inker: Harry G. Peter
Letterer: N/A
Colourist: N/A
Editor: Sheldon Mayer
First Story Title: The Tournament of Slaves
Second Story Title: The Earl of Greed Strikes Out
Third Story Title: Framed By the Duke of Deception
Fourth Story Title: Captured By Lord Conquest
Main Characters (in order of appearance):
Wonder Woman
(Princess Diana)
Mars Duke of Deception
Earl of Greed Lord Conquest Aphrodite
Hitler Goebbels Goering
Hirohito Mussolini Count Crafti


Cover of Wonder Woman #2
Plot Summary:

First story: Wonder Woman battles the War God Mars.
Second story:
Wonder Woman confronts the first of Mar's three commanders, the Earl of Greed
Third story:
She next takes on the Duke of Deception
Fourth story:
Finally, she defeats Lord Conquest

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