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Appearance Listings

Wonder WomanThe section provides detailed listings of comic books in which Wonder Woman has either featured or guest starred. These lists are not complete and may well contain errors! Therefore, I welcome any additions or corrections from you folks out there!

The listings are divided into Pre Crisis, Post Crisis and Post Flashpoint. For those unfamiliar with these terms let me try to shed some light.

By 1985 DC Comics had realised that their characters were burdened by increasing continuity problems. In particular was Wonder Woman who, subject to incessant renovation to offset slumping sales, contained one of the most confusing continuities in comic books. For instance, Wonder Girl was sometimes depicted as Wonder Woman's younger self or else someone wholly different. This, together with the multitude of worlds containing various heroes, like Earth One, Earth Two etc, meant something drastic was required to sort out the whole entire mess.

DC decided to therefore merge all these worlds into one and in the now legendary Cross Over series called "Crisis On Infinite Earths" an entity known as the Anti-Monitor devoured dimensions and transcended time until continuity was cleaned up and every surviving hero could start with a clean slate - hence the references to a character being pre or post "Crisis".

After over two decades of this new status quo, by 2010 many titles including "Wonder Woman" experienced ever declining sales once more and DC Comics consistently found themselves being significantly outsold by their rival Marvel Comics. Fearing further stagnation or worse - further declines and cancelled books - the company decided on a radical "re-boot" of their entire line up as an aftermath of the "Flashpoint" crossover event.

This crossover story featured the Flash and an altered and extreme reality, featuring DC's iconic characters behaving very differently to what we expect. Diana, for example, was a violent, war-mongering Amazon Queen waging a blood feud across the globe against Aquaman and the forces of Atlantis. Although the Flash managed to eventually "correct" this timeline back to normality, almost every single character in the DC Universe found themselves unknowingly altered to a greater or lesser extent with, in many cases, new costumes, new origins and even new powers.

The initial launch of this new DC Universe (nicknamed"DCnU") featured 52 all new titles starting at issue 1. These books, a combination of relaunched established titles, together with brand new comics featuring all new characters, became more commonly known as "The New 52", but for the purposes of these appearance listings we will simply refer to these titles as "Post Flashpoint".

How To Use The Appearances Index

Appearances can be accessed via the drop down menu. All titles are listed in alphabetical order and can be accessed by clicking the appropriate letter of the alphabet. So for example, if you are interested in Wonder Woman appearances within the pages of "Batman" titles, you would click on 'B' to enter the appropriate section of the list. If a letter has an inactive link it signifies that there are no titles currently available beginning with that letter.

Note that in some cases Wonder Woman may appear on the cover of a particular issue but is not actually featured in the story itself, as is sometimes the case with issues of "Justice League of America" for instance. Also, there may be some appearances which only amount to one or two panels and even occasions where she is seen simply in flashback only.

These listings should therefore only be used by collectors as a helpful guide and not a shopping list, unless of course you do want every appearance the Amazon Princess has ever made - no matter how small or insignificant!

However, to provide as much information as I can to collectors and fans alike, I will do my best to state (where known) whether she is featured on the cover and in how many panels she appears within the book itself, in order to indicate her significance in that particular storyline. So for example, if you see "(C,18)" following the issue number, this would denote that she appears on the front (or occasionally back) cover represented by the "(C)" and that she appears in eighteen panels, represented by the "(18)". In those instances where she makes only a marginal appearance in one panel, this will be denoted by using "()".

Those issues with "Wonder Woman" in the actual title should be assumed to always feature her on the cover and for her to be depicted in the majority of panels.

If the issue number you are interested in appears as a hypertext link (for example 123), you can also directly access a cover image containing information on the creative team. If a particular title is featured in the 'Galleries' section, then you will be taken directly there instead.

Throughout the site you will see some or all of the following icons at the bottom of pages, which you can use to navigate to other related sections within the site:

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It should be understood that these appearance listings are an ever evolving database and takes a lot of my time (it is only a hobby!), so any help people can offer to 'fill in the blanks' is always appreciated!

While I have a good many of the issues listed, my collection is far from complete and so if you happen to own a particular title listed here that does not yet have any information against it, then please feel free to contact me and I will happily add it to the site and credit you.

I hope you find these listings useful and if nothing else, they serve to demonstrate just how significant a character Wonder Woman is in the history of comics and how she has always played, and will continue to play, a major role within the DC Universe itself for many years to come.