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Book Title Wonder Woman
Issue Number: 4
Published: April/May 1943
Cover Artists: Harry G. Peter
Writer: William Moulton Marston
Pencils: Harry G. Peter
Inker: Harry G. Peter
Letterer: N/A
Colourist: N/A
Editor: Sheldon Mayer
First Story Title: The First Test of Aphrodite
Second Story Title: The Adventure of the Mole Men
Third Story Title: The Third Test of Aphrodite
Fourth Story Title: The Treachery of Mavis
Main Characters (in order of appearance):
Wonder Woman
(Princess Diana)
Paula Von Gunther Aphrodite
Hippolyta Blakfu  

Cover of Wonder Woman #4

Plot Summary:

First Story:Wonder Woman assists Baroness Paula Von Gunther perform three tasks on behalf of the Goddess Aphrodite. They firstly prevent a Japanese plan to incite war between the sexes in America.
Second Story:
They next battle Blakfu, king of the Mole Men.
Third Story:
Next they help reform rubber magnate Ivar Torson and his syndicate, who have been conspiring to conceal their secret rubber extraction solution from the U.S. government despite the fact that it is desperately needed to prosecute the war effort.
Fourth Story:
Finally Wonder Woman rescues Paula's daughter, Gerta Von Gunther, from Mavis who is a former slave girl of the Baroness and seeks revenge. The Amazon Princess hands the captured Mavis over to Mala on Transform Island for rehabilitation.

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