January 1982
Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 291
By chris
This issue, together with the next two, form the basis of a three part event story to celebrate the Amazon’s 40th Anniversary. With a host…
April 1982
Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 294
By chris
This issue sees an appearance by a character from the Batman books as well as the return of the Huntress back-up feature.
June 1982
By chris
This was a promotional giveaway comic designed to promote Radio Shack’s TRS-80 computers.
July 1982
Wonder Woman Volume One issue 297
By chris
In my personal opinion, the cover to this issue is probably one of the worst pre-crisis images ever. Wonder Woman’s almost childlike appearance seems to…
August 1982
Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 298
By chris
In stark contrast to last issue’s effort, this excellent cover by Frank Miller and Dick Giordano uses more traditional style artwork and is both atmospheric…