January 1973
Target Wonder Woman
By chris
This issue contains a back up feature, which follows on from issue 204 and reveals a little more about the mysterious Black Amazon named Nubia…
March 1973
By chris
This was an anthology title and features stories reprinted from Justice League of America #23, All-Star Comics #37 and Justice League of America  #43.
April 1973
By chris
This was a reprint of Wonder Woman Volume One #1.
May 1973
By chris
This issue marks another change of direction and sees a shift of emphasis from the modern day stories and art style back to re-telling Golden…
July 1973
Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 208
By chris
As per the previous issue, this continues the approach of printing Golden Age story reprints with new art.
September 1973
Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 209
By chris
Another two story issue of Golden Age reprints with new artwork.
December 1973
Justice League of America volume one issue 110
By chris
This issue is billed as a a 100-page super spectacular featuring a number of stories and characters. Wonder Woman only appears in the second story…