So, 2018 is upon us and after an amazing 2017 for Wonder Woman it will be exciting to see if the momentum can be sustained and both DC Comics and Warner Bros. can build upon the increased success and adoration this character has finally rightfully gained amongst the wider public.

However, while Gal Gadot as Diana was the star of the show, the poor reception to and box office performance of “Justice League”  has cast a cloud over the future of the DC Extended Universe – at least the Cinematic version – although thankfully we can still look forward to the Wonder Woman sequel, again directed by Patty Jenkins, in November 2019.

In the meantime we will just have to make do with Wonder Woman’s adventures in the comic-verse. And to that end, this site will continue to chronicle her adventures throughout the year, as I endeavour to keep it both up to date as far as her main title appearances are concerned, while continuing to upload the older content from the previous website.

So, for the first update of 2018, I am pleased to announce the ‘Letter B’ section has now been extensively updated!

Finally, may I wish you all Happy New Year and thanks for visiting. Why not tell your friends and family about the site? New visitors are always welcome and they too can discover there is so much more to Wonder Woman than just the movie version they may have seen.

Till next time…