With almost 80 issues added, I am pleased to announce that the Letter ‘T’ section of the site has now been updated, featuring the classic “Teen Titans” and the famous “Trinity” themselves! We’re on the home straight now, with the next batch of letters being a mixed bag of miscellaneous issue titles which I’m hoping will take a lot less time than the previous sections have taken me to update!

As I write this, Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ movie is receiving rave reviews and brings ten years of amazing comic book films to a rousing finale.

Meanwhile, us DC Fans can only contemplate what might have been had the DC Extended Universe delivered on all the promise it contained. ‘Justice League’ put the final nail in the coffin to the franchise in its current guise. Thankfully, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have proved that DC/Warners can make enjoyable, critically acclaimed and money making comic book movies.

But we should have been looking forward to the release of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ this year, and yet for reasons still not totally clear, we have to wait until June 4th next year to see whether Patty Jenkins can deliver a successful follow up to Diana’s Word War One movie debut. Let’s hope so.

There is much talk that DC has decided that trying to follow the Marvel play book of creating an extended universe is a fool’s errand and that they should focus on making director lead, unconnected standalone movies instead, much in the way the James Bond franchise has been run all these years. If so, can we hope to see some different incarnations of Diana brought to the screen? Let’s hope so.

Until then, we can only watch as Marvel continue to enjoy their deserved plaudits, proving that even after a decade, the general public are not yet tired of seeing these comic book characters brought to life on screen. Yet this plays out at a time when the comic book industry that spawned them continues to wither on the vine. As more and more comic stores close, staff laid off at both DC and Marvel offices and much talk about Disney looking to close down the loss making Marvel comics publications – and Warners Bros. re-accessing the role DC plays in their entertainment portfolio – the next few years could prove pivotal for the industry…