So, after a burst of frequent updates over the Christmas period I recognise things may have seemed to have slowed down a little here at Amazon Archives. But rest assured that wasn’t the case – and I was just grappling with the monster update that was the “Letter S” section of the site!!

With over 130 plus issues to add and curate, this is a huge update which includes such goodies as the wonderful Super Friends, the very opposite kind of Justice League to Zack Snyder’s version! Plus, it’s surprising just have many times Diana has appeared in Superman’s own titles over the years, yet he doesn’t make guest appearances in her own title that often? That’s just rude.

So, I hope you enjoy exploring the new additions as I now turn my attentions to the remaining letters of the alphabet. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Yes, the Letter T is probably going to be quite a sizeable section to update too, but I mean …just how many titles beginning with X, Y and Z can there be, right?