So, before I go away again for a week or so I thought I’d do my best to get another update under my belt.

The Letter G section of the site has now been updated and as always, the most recent issues of the main Wonder Woman title and Justice League related titles are always added to the site on a weekly basis.

I recognise that some other current titles like “Trinity” are not being listed yet, but I’ve decided to approach the mammoth update task I still have ahead of me in a controlled, logical manner. So, a title like “Trinity” for instance will be added once I get to the Letter T section.

I appreciate that at my current rate of progress that may well be some way off, but as the saying goes, all good things are worth waiting for! It would be nice to think that the site will be fully updated and all of the content from the original Amazon Archives will have been finally transferred across by year end – but somehow I think that might be wishful thinking!

So, let’s just say I aim to complete the task by the time the new Wonder Woman move comes out next November, which was recently teased with the logo shown. It is being speculated that the movie will be set in 1984  and may even be called “Wonder Woman 1984”.

We shall see – just as we shall see whether I actually manage to achieve that completion milestone I just set myself! It might be doable……ish.