So, I’ve been beavering away for a few weeks now. And the results are over 80 issues having now been added to the Letter I section of the website.

And in keeping with the number 80, some initial footage from “Wonder Woman 1984” wowed the few lucky fans who were privileged to see it at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The first clip apparently depicted Diana in full costume at a shopping mall saving a young girl before confronting an armed thug and crushing his gun. The second clip showed Wonder Woman running at great speed down a busy street.

There have been few set images leaked since it was first revealed Chris Pine was returning as Steve Trevor, after shots of him and Gal Gadot were snapped  shooting a scene together. However, the cast did recently pose for a publicity shot, recreating the famous shot from the iconic film “The Breakfast Club”, in keeping with the 80’s vibe Patty has said she is hoping to capture in her own movie.