Letter C has now been updated with dozen of titles.

So, while I cannot promise I can keep up this momentum and update two Letter sections a month, at least it’s a promising start. Some Letter sections contain very few issues – while others are almost an entire section of the website in their own right – so it will vary from month to month how much content I can add. But I really want to finish updating all Letters by the end of the year – at least that’s the challenge I have set myself! All the while, I am endeavouring to keep the site updated with key recent titles, including Wonder Woman’s own title, any relevant Wonder Woman mini-series and Justice League. So you should always find there is new content to explore in any given month.

With no movie to look forward to this year and following the many events and activities celebrating Diana’s 75th Anniversary that took place over the past year or so, 2018 will seem like a quiet year for the Amazing Amazon. But with her current star power in the DC Universe, she is making appearances in many other comic book titles other than her own, so I see no fear of not having enough Wonder Woman in my life! LOL!

Till next time….