Well, after seriously underestimating how long it was going to take me to migrate and curate all the content from the old Amazon Archives site, while adding brand new content and imagery at the same time, the epic quest I set myself has finally been achieved!  And only about two and half years late!

As of today, the final missing letters of the alphabet have been added to the “Other Titles” section of the site, except for the Letters “X” and “Z”. But if anybody knows of a title beginning with these letters that I haven’t included, then feel free to let me know. I’d hate for these letters to feel they’d been left out of their day in the sun!

And while I’ve been busy beavering away at curating the old stuff, I’ve simultaneously done by level best to ensure I’ve been adding all the current, new titles and issues to the site too. Not an easy target when this is just my hobby and I have a regular day job.

So, thanks for you patience and I hope you find the added content useful – whether you’re a casual reader, avid fan or hard core collector.

On an unrelated note, I had the pleasure to join Vince Nolan on his radio show over at the Artists First Network a couple of weeks ago..

We had a blast chatting about all things Wonder Woman related, including reminiscing about our favorite incarnation of Diana, the 70’s TV show version as played by the iconic Lynda Carter. It was great fun and thanks to Vince once again for inviting me!

If you want to check it out you can download the podcast here.

And why not check out some of Vince’s other shows, as he gives listeners a fun, light take on other classic pop culture topics, ranging from TV and movies to music and books…and everything in between.