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Happy 2019!

So, as the year finally draws to a close, just time for one more quick update to the site before we say farewell to 2018. The Letter P and R sections of the site have been updated with several issues - though sadly, Letter Q doesn't get its moment in the sun! Hope everyone has [...]

2018-12-29T12:44:16+01:00 December 29th, 2018|Latest News|

New update! It’s the Letter J’s turn this time!

As the summer draws to a close it's time for another update to the site. The very tongue in cheek series "Justice League 3000" and "Justice League 3001" have now been added to the Justice League Miscellaneous section, together with a dozen or so issues added to the Letter J section too. Almost half way [...]

2018-09-01T14:00:06+01:00 September 1st, 2018|Latest News|

Letter F is now available!

After my recent update hiatus I thought I would try and make at least some effort to catch up (a little!). So, Letter F has now been updated with almost 50 issues added. Enjoy!

2018-05-27T17:42:53+01:00 May 27th, 2018|Latest News|

Site Updates and Lynda Carter

As I anticipated, the pace of updates over the past month or so has slowed waaaaayyy down, as my vacation got in the way. But I have finally managed to at least add content to 'Letter E'. However, the trade off between the speed of my site updates versus going on vacation was well worth [...]

2018-05-12T13:13:39+01:00 May 12th, 2018|Latest News|