Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 750

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 750

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
January 2020
Cover Date:
March 2020
DC Universe
Story Title:
The Wild Hunt - Finale
From Small Things, Mama
The Interrogation
Never Change
To Leave Paradise…
Emergency Visit
To Me
A Brave New World

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Joëlle Jones | Joshua Middleton (1940s variant) | Jenny Frison (1950s variant) | J. Scott Campbell (1960's variant) | Olivier Coipel (1970's variant) | George Pérez (1980's variant) | Brian Bolland (1990's variant) | Adam Hughes (2000's variant) | Jim Lee, Scott Williams (2010's variant)
Steve Orlando | Gail Simone | Mariko Tamaki | Greg Rucka | Kami Garcia | Dean Hale, Shannon Hale | Marguerite Bennett | Vita Alaya | Scott Snyder
Jesús Merino | Colleen Doran| Elena Casagrande | Nicola Scott | Phil Hester | Riley Rossmo | Laura Braga | Amancay Nahuelpan | Bryan Hitch
Romulo Fajardo, Jr. | Colleen Doran | Elena Casagrande | Nicola Scott | Andre Parks | Riley Rossmo | Laura Braga | Amancay Nahuelpan | Bryan Hitch
Pat Brosseau | Dave Sharpe | Deron Bennett | Rob Leigh | Gabriela Downie | Josh Reed | Wes Abbott | Clayton Cowles | Tom Napolitano
Gabe Eltaeb | Hi-Fi | Sunny Gho | Trish Mulhivill | Ivan Plascencia | Jay David Ramos | Mike Spicer
Brian Cunningham, Brittany Holzher (associate), Alex Antone, Jessica Chen, Mike Cotton


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Aquawoman (Mera), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), The Question (Renee Montoya), Shazam (Miriam Bätzel), Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore), Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), Wonder Girls: Yuki Katsura, Yuri Katsura, Cassie Sandsmark, Emily Sung, Donna Troy
Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva), Ares, Hydra, Kalibak, Silver Swan (Vanessa Kapatelis), Nazis
Hippolyta, Maggie, Orana, Antiope, Nubia, Osia, Astarte
The Silencer (Honor Guest), Star Blossom (Peony McGill), Oscar McGill, Yolanda McGill, Circe, Steve Trevor, Amanda Waller, Franklin Roosevelt, Joe, Alan Scott
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This special 96 page giant sized anniversary issue was significant for two reasons.

Firstly, it effectively launched DC’s new timeline, which sought to streamline the company’s somewhat fragmented and convoluted history into a neater chronological order. This also was a lead in to the next big DC event, named 5G, the latter name also signifying the fifth age of heroes. As part of this new timeline, Wonder Woman is revealed to be the very first hero in the DC Universe, pre-dating the arrival of Superman on Earth.

Secondly, as part of this new timeline, the Wonder Woman book reverted back to it’s original issue numbering from this point forward.

This special issue saw a number of previous writers and artists return to the book to provide standalone stories, pin ups as well as a number of variant covers depicting Wonder Woman through each of the previous eight decades she has been published.

The Wild Hunt - Synopsis

As The Cheetah and Hera fight, the Silencer argues with Wonder Woman about the right course of action and whom she should support. Using the Lasso of Truth, she binds the goddess and villain to her mind, where she confronts both of them for manipulating her. Perceiving the truth allows her to regain control of the Lasso, which she uses to bind The Cheetah and force her to confront how misguided she has been. She admits that she has been blind, agreeing to submit in loving friendship to Diana and returns Wonder Woman’s Tiara but she also lashes out violently at Hera one last time, throwing a blade that misses her and stabs The Silencer through the shoulder. Wonder Woman tells Hera that she no longer needs her guidance and she disappears. The Silencer tends to her wounds as Wonder Woman leaves for Themyscira.

When she arrives home, she gives the God Killer to Orana. Hippolyta helps her forge new Bracelets of Submission and gives her an embrace before she returns to Man’s World to continue her mission but once she arrives back in Boston, she is arrested.

From Small Things, Mama - Synopsis

Star-Blossom races to help a family trapped in a burning building. After rescuing them with a slide made of flowers, she attempts to smother the fire to save more people trapped in the building. It is partially successful, but she cannot reach the stranded people. Wonder Woman arrives and does the final rescue, cheered on by Star-Blossom.

Wonder Woman accepts an offer to dinner from Star-Blossom’s family, during which Hippolyta appears, telling Diana of the death of her friend Hookswift, one of the Megalodons guarding Themyscira, and a dear friend of Diana as a child. A distraught Diana is consoled by Star-Blossom who makes her a special flower that signifies that she thinks of Wonder Woman as a big sister.

The Interrogation - Synopsis

A police officer interrogates Wonder Woman, insinuating that she is somehow connected to the crimes and humanitarian disasters that she averts. Midway through his questioning, Wonder Woman reveals that she knows the man is secretly Ares and she has actually arranged this as a trap to have him extradited to Themyscira.

Never Change - Synopsis

Circe is in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras and Wonder Woman visits her hotel room to discuss removing the curse that has transformed The Cheetah in exchange for the Lasso of Truth. The two women find her in a jungle temple and teleport her to Themyscira where Circe’s incantation will transform her back to a human if she will only say her name. She growls, “Cheetah” and the spell cannot be completed. Temporarily defeated, Diana commits to finding some other way to help her friend.

To Leave Paradise… - Synopsis

A young Diana discusses Amazonian history with her mother Hippolyta and ponders what her destiny is. She spars with Nubia, discussing the World of Man and inquires to Osia about the meaning of life and how to find one’s role in the world. As she reflects on what she’s learned, she sees a plane crash onto the shore.

Emergency Visit - Synopsis

As Wonder Woman trounces Kalibak in Salt Lake City, she gets a call from Guy Gardner saying that her mother Hippolyta has called for her to help fight a Hydra on her home island of Themyscira. She races there to find that her fellow Amazons can easily defeat the creature and Hippolyta loosed it in a ruse to get her to come visit. She decides to stay awhile and catch up with her family.

To Me - Synopsis

Batwoman allows several of her fellow DC Bombshells to discuss how Wonder Woman has changed their lives, from healing Steve Trevor to befriending a young Aquawoman and helping a grieving Supergirl to inspiring the Wonder Girls.

Always - Synopsis

At an A.R.G.U.S. facility, Vanessa Kapatelis reflects on her time as Silver Swan and is reminded how Wonder Woman encouraged her to let go of her rage and be healed. As she thinks back, her old foe appears and gives her a warm embrace to remind her that she is always there to support her.

A Brave New World - Synopsis

A film reel shows the debut of Wonder Woman saving Franklin Roosevelt’s life from a Nazi assassin at the 1939 World’s Fair and encourages a young Alan Scott to begin his crime-fighting career.