Supergirl – Volume 6 – 40

Supergirl – Volume 6 – 40

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
March 2020
Cover Date:
May 2020
DC Universe
Story Title:
I'm the Bad Guy - Finale

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Joe Bennett, Jay David Ramos
Jody Houser
Rachael Stott
Rachael Stott
Tom Napolitano
Cris Peter
Brittany Holzherr


Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
The Batman Who Laughs
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Wonder Woman deduces that the Kryptonite is repressing Supergirl’s ability to fight off the infection. As she attempts to throw away the irradiated debris Kara attacks her. As she attempts stab Diana with an infected spike from her costume the Amazon Princess uses her bracelets to protect herself before kicking the Maid of Steel away.

As Supergirl attacks again Wonder Woman defends herself, trying to reason with Kara and asking if she is supposed to helping this world why is she doing it on her own – why are the other infected not helping her? Diana tries to convince Kara that this is all about her not wanting to be alone, but Supergirl is in no mood to listen and blasts Wonder Woman with her heat vision.

Wonder Woman gets to her feet and says that all she sees is a lonely little girl trying to beat the world into a more comforting shape. “Adding “…and I don’t fight children.” This enrages Supergirl even more and she launches herself at Diana, who does enough to defend herself but refusing to fight back.

As Supergirl attempts once more to stab her with a spike, Krypto leaps from nowhere and grabs her wrist. She looks into the sad dog’s eyes and stops, asking why he would want to stop her? Wonder Woman suggests she looks at the town below and all the people she wants to save and perhaps she’ll see why. Supergirl scans the town and hears how they are all terrified of her.

She realises that this is he Joke the The Batman Who Laughs had told her about…that she was a hero who everyone would be scared of. She launches into the sky, intent on leaving the atmosphere and hoping that the yellow sun will help her purge this infection from her body. She lets the sun’s rays flow into her body but feels weak and falls back down to earth.

As she climbs out of the crater she has made she hears the voice of The Batman Who Laughs, who tells her that it was a nice try, but that she still remains his…and that they have work to do!


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