Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 65

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 65

General Info

Issue No:
65 (731)
On Sale Date:
February 2019
Cover Date:
April 2019
DC Universe
Story Title:
The Grudge - Part 2

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Xermanico, Stanley Lau (Variant)
G. Willow Wilson
Jesus Merino
Andy Owens
Pat Brosseu
Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Chris Conroy, Dave Wielgosz (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Veronica Cale, Steve Trevor
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As TV reports the forthcoming trial of Wonder Woman for her alleged assault on one of Veronica Cale’s “employees”, Steve waits at home with Aphrodite, worried where Diana is. Finally she appears in sight and touches down after having done a lot of thinking about what Cale had told her about the destruction of Themyscira and Olympus.

When she tells them that she fears her mother and her Amazon sisters are gone forever, Aphrodite says that she surely would know if Olympus was no more? That said, that fact that both she, Ares and the rest of the mythical creatures cannot remember how they had even arrived on Earth could indicate something dreadful has indeed happened.

Wonder Woman visibly sags, saying that there is no hope then, but the Goddess of Love replies that while they remain there is always hope. The fact that she, Ares and the other creatures survived the cataclysm may mean that so too did the Amazons.

Filled with new resolve to discover the truth, Wonder Woman flies off to find Nemesis and confront her again and convince her that she is being used as a pawn by Cale. She intends to plead with her not to assist Cale in this case, as Diana needs to devote all her time to the search for the Amazons and not be tied up in court for the next six months.

She arrives at a deep cave and warily enters. She finds what looks like litter scattered around and looking at the materials, realises that this is the debris of all the lives that Nemesis has already ruined through creating grudges, since arriving on Earth. Suddenly she is attacked and during the brief fight Nemesis bites her arm, injecting her poison into her veins.

Wonder Woman suddenly feels a wave of rage engulf her and a strong urge to take her vengeance on Ares for what he has done to her people. She just about manages to control herself and realises that it is not Cale controlling Nemesis – but is in fact the reverse!

She leaves the cave to speak with Cale, who is initially skeptical until Diana asks her if, during the tine she had Nemesis in captivity, the Goddess had ever bitten her. She says yes and Wonder Woman explains that the poison she injects into her victims makes them seek vengeance on their enemies.

She pleads with Veronica to drop the case and give her time to search for Themyscira so she can find her sisters and Isabelle, Cale’s daughter. She then hugs Cale who slowly goes limp and bursts into tears, saying how she misses her daughter so much.

Diana vows she will find their respective loved ones and Cale agrees to postpone the case for now – but that she is still watching Diana’s every move.

Wonder Woman then returns to her beach house and tells Aphrodite what has happened. The Goddess asks to join her quest and summoning an ethereal swan, she rides on its back and flies off into the distance with Wonder Woman by her side, as their search across the entire Earth begins.


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