Wonder Woman Annual – Volume 5 – 3

Wonder Woman Annual – Volume 5 – 3

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 2019
Cover Date:
December 2019
DC Universe
Story Title:
Trapped in Gorilla City

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Tyler Kirkham
Steve Orlando
V. Ken Marion
Sandu Florea
Pat Brosseau
Brian Cunningham, Brittany Holzherr (associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Helen Paul/Warmaster (Paula van Gunther)
Gorilla Grodd, Leviathan
Steve Trevor, Karmak, Amanda Waller, Tommy Morita, The Oddfellows (Charlie, Chief, Sameer), Harold Paul, Petra Paul
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This story tied into the Superman ‘Event Leviathan’ arc. It also acted as an introduction to Steve Orlando’s run, who took over writing duties on the main Wonder Woman book from issue 82, following G Willow Wilson’s departure.


The story begins by telling of Helen’s rescue from a fire where her parents were killed by terrorists. Diana saved her from the flames and took the little girl with her. Thanks to an agent of A.R.G.U.S. she is placed in a home where she would be raised by foster parents and where Diana would visit her from time to time, leading her on a path of honesty and truth. She would eventually graduate as a cadet of A.R.G.U.S. where once in operation, she accompanied Wonder Woman and Steve on combat missions and operations.

Recalling one particular mission, they had to infiltrate Gorilla City in order to rescue an undercover agent named Karmak, whose mission was to infiltrate and extract information. But he has been discovered by Grodd and if the Gorilla leader can make Karmak talk, it will cause a war between Apes and Humans.

Diana, Steve and Helen manage to sneak apparently undetected through the heavily guarded city and find where Karmek is being held. But he reveals himself to be Grodd, who has used a mental trap to confuse the rescuers. Diana throws herself into a fight with the ruler while Steve and Helen run in search of Karmak, who is being escorted to the place of his execution.

While Diana and Grodd fight, she manages to wrap the lasso of truth around Grood’s arm, opening a space inside the Golden Perfect, where only the truth prevails. Grodd is reluctant however and breaks the bond quickly, forcing Diana to take more violent measures, knocking out Grodd with one blow.

Meanwhile Steve and Helen hurry to reach a gorilla aircraft onto which they are taking Karmak. They manage to board causing the ship to crash and freeing Karmak. But they quickly find themselves surrounded by Gorillas. Steve and Helen prepare for a fire fight but Diana steps between both sides, demanding that they stop. She promises that A.R.G.U.S. will make a formal apology for having invaded foreign territory, preventing lives from being lost in a conflict.

Afterwards Diana expresses to Helen how proud she is of her.

In the present day, A.R.G.U.S. suffers an attack by Leviathan. Helen tries to clamber from the rubble of the headquarters building when a figure comes before her…Leviathan.

He reveals that he knows her past and that everything she knows is a lie. Helen defends Wonder Woman, saying that the Amazon Princess had saved her life and guided her as she grew up. But Leviathan reveals the truth. Diana had indeed rescued Helen from the fire when she was a child, but as part of a fire-fight between A.R.G.U.S. and the Sons of Liberty, whose leaders were actually Helen’s parents. They had both apparently tried to surrender to the agents but were shot dead, even though Diana had not agreed with this course of action.

Diana knew the story of Helen’s parents. Helen’s lineage traced back to a group of Valkyries who had once found Themyscira in the past, arriving in peace but they were received as a mortal enemy by the Amazons who slaughtered them. Only one Valkyrie, named Gudra, survived, swearing revenge on the Amazons. The Von Grudas were her descendants, taking Gruda’s spear and her promise. Leviathan reveals that Wonder Woman had only saved Helen to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny and to control her as she grew up.

Now in the present, Helen observes the events that have occurred around Wonder Woman and assumes her real family name once more. Paula Van Gunther….Warmaster.