DCeased – 1

DCeased – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2019
Cover Date:
July 2019
DC Universe
Story Title:
Going Viral

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Greg Capullo
Tom Taylor
Trevor Hairsine, James Harren
Stefano Gaudiano, James Harren
Saida Temofonte
Rain Beredo
Ben Abernathy


Cyborg (Victor Stone)
Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Black Canary (Dinah Drake), Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Arrow (OLiver Queen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Big Barda, Mister Miracle (Scott Free)
Darkseid, DeSaad, Parademons, Black Racer
Jon Kent, Lois Lane, Alfred Pennyworth, Damian Wayne
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This was a 6 issue mini-series where Cyborg’s body is used as a carrier for a technological virus version of the Anti-Life Equation that turns the population into zombie-like creatures.


One week prior, the Justice League repelled an invasion from Apokolips, fighting off Parademons and Darkseid, telling the dark god to never return to Earth. He left and cryptically announced that he has no need to return, as he already has what the came for. Batman used a secret tracking device he has planted on Cyborg to confirm that his teammate is nowhere in the galaxy.

On Apokolips, Cyborg was tortured by DeSaad, who revealed that the Anti-Life Equation lives in his cybernetic body. They summoned the Black Racer to ensure that Cyborg will not die as he transmits the Anti-Life Equation but by corrupting the Equation itself, Darkseid falls prey to its overwhelming despair. DeSaad is immune and sends Cyborg back to Earth in a Boom Tube. In his despondency, Darkseid dove into the core of Apokolips, causing it to explode.

As Cyborg lands in the center of Metropolis, he immediately begins infecting the Internet with a techno-organic viral version of the Anti-Life Equation, rendering everyone around him into enslaved zombies. Superman was at the home of Big Barda and Mister Miracle, planning a rescue mission but is drawn away by the sound of horrific screaming. He flies to his family’s apartment where his son was moments away from picking up a ringing cellular mobile and becoming infected himself. He uses heat vision to destroy every screen in the house. Superman promises Damian Wayne that he will find his father, assemble the League, and overcome the mass hysteria.

In the Batcave, the Batcomputer’s firewall shuts itself off to keep from being infected and Batman connects to a back-up analog camera system to view the carnage in Gotham City. His offline system estimates that 600 million persons are already infected and billions more could rapidly follow. He releases an electro-magnetic pulse to disable all electronics in Wayne Manor. Nigtwing and Red Robin have already been infected. He tells Alfred to run for his life and fights his enraged sidekicks, but is bitten and infected himself.