Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 60

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 60

General Info

Issue No:
60 (726)
On Sale Date:
December 2018
Cover Date:
February 2019
DC Universe
Story Title:
The Just War - Part 3

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Terry Dodson, Jenny Frison (Variant)
G. Willow Wilson
Cary Nord
Mick Gray
Pat Brosseu
Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Chris Conroy, Dave Wielgosz (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, Cadmus the Winged Horse, Eirene The Minotauress, Damon the Faun
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After a brief fight Wonder Woman convinces Area that they are evenly matched and that fighting is futile. She helps him to his feet and they suddenly hear a baby crying. Rushing to the ruins of the destroyed village Ares retrieves a baby from the rubble and realises this is the cause of his actions.

He tells Wonder Woman that he understands now that justice is not taking the side of the righteous at any cost – but instead it is the absence of conflict. As he hands her the child to the grateful mother he tells Diana that from now on he will not interfere. Before he leaves she asks him where Steve is but he replies he has nothing to do with the mortal’s disappearance.

Just then Etta touches down in a helicopter and Wonder Woman tells her she wishes she could speak with her mother back on Themyscira to discover what has happened. Suddenly they come under fire and Wonder Woman has to once again disarm more soldiers. She tries to reason with them but comes under fire from the opposition this time.

She flies up to where Ares hovers, watching events, and demands to know why he does nothing. She tells him this is bigger than his own absolution and that lives are at stake. He replies that he sat alone in his prison on Themyscira for decades without seeing the sun, waiting for Grail to finally put him out of his misery. He now has the chance to become what he was meant to be and nothing she can say can change his mind. She wonders to herself what has she done…

Meanwhile Steve is being lead by the hysterical creatures, some which can see he has been wounded and try to help but he stubbornly declines. Finally they arrive at their destination and Steve is stunned to see the Goddess Aphrodite lying there, who greets him and says she is the master here.



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