Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 45

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 45

General Info

Issue No:
45 (711)
On Sale Date:
April 2018
Cover Date:
June 2018
DC Universe
Story Title:
Amazons Attacked - Finale

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
David Yardin
Jenny Frison (variant)
James Robinson
Emanuela Lupacchino
Ray McCarthy, Marco Santucci
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Dave Wielgosz (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Jason, Steve Trevor
Darkseid, Grail, Pardemons, Female Furies (Bernadeth, Gilotina, Stompa)
Ares, Hercules, Zeus
The Oddfellows (Charlie, Chief, Sameer)
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As Wonder Woman does her best to protect Steve and the others from the rampaging Amazon parademons Jason passes the sword that she had dropped before saying that Grail had been able to travel through the portal because she had never set foot on the ground – and neither had he. with that he launches through the portal after Grail.

Now armed with her sword, Wonder Woman turns her attention back to Darkseid who reminds her once again that not even the Justice League could take him down so her on her her own has no chance. As they fight she asks why he has gone through all this just to reach Themyscira and he replies that in order to take back Apokolips he needs an army – and what better warriors are there than the Amazons.

Meanwhile in Themyscira, Jason arrives in the middle of a fierce battle as Amazons try to defend themselves against sisters who have now been turned. As he surveys the scene he is stunned to see his mother, Hippolyta, battling Grail. The Amazon Queen manages to floor Darkseid’s daughter with her spear just as Jason touches down.

She is both surprised and overwhelmed with love as she finally sees her son after all these years. They embrace.

Back on Earth Wonder Woman finds herself making no headway against Darkseid and begins to wonder if she indeed can defeat him after all. As she is floored and tries to shake off this latest blow, Steve rushes over to help her up and tells her that win or lose, he will always be beside her – and that he believes in her and most importantly, loves her.

On hearing this Wonder Woman suddenly realises that perhaps the key to defeating her foe is not through hatred – but through love.

She races back towards Darkseid and as she takes another punch she gets to her feet and holding his fist at bay, tells him that she is not going to fight him anymore and that instead she comes with love. Not for him mind you. Instead, love for her father and her half siblings that had been murdered by Darkseid. He had killed her blood kin and that shared blood – that energy – is a connection.

She continues to say that she wants them all to know she loves them and that she wants them to feel her. If she can connect and make her love bright and true she can draw them out.

And sure enough the essence of all the fallen Olympians leach from Darkseid’s body and he screams in pain. Her father, Zeus floats down to her and tells her he is so proud of her and her brother, Jason. As the God and the others disappear Darkseid seems to burn up and vanishes, now no longer sustained by the godly energies he had stolen.

But this also results in the portal beginning to close up. On Themyscira Hippolyta sees what is happening as the Amazon parademons now become docile and are taken prisoner. She tells her Jason that he needs to return before its too late. She regrets that after finally getting the chance to see him again it is heartbreaking to say goodbye so soon. She tells him that she understands why he must wonder why she had not tried harder to find him but she had been protecting him. He tells her he understands and he does not want to hear the word “sorry” from her as just being able to see her now is all he ever wanted.

Hippolyta tells him she loves him very much and hands him her unbreakable spear forged by Hephaestus. It is the only thing she has to give in the time they have left. She bids him a sad farewell as he flies back through the portal.

Meanwhile on the other side as the A.R.G.U.S team round up the prisoners and casualties Steve suggests that maybe he could go through the portal after Jason but Wonder Woman says that they must just hope he makes it back through in time before it closes for good.

Just at that moment he returns and as they embrace he happily tells her that he had met their mother and that Hippolyta had told her that she loved him. Diana in turn says that she had seen their father’s essence and although she is not sure if he is still alive or not he had told her how proud he was of the both of them.

As the clear up operation continues Wonder Woman says she hopes the A.R.G.U.S. scientists will be able to find a cure for the Amazon parademons and return them to their normal selves. Jason says that Grail is now a prisoner of the Amazons but they both wonder of her father, Darkseid is really dead or not.

On Themyscira Grail finds herself chained to a chair in the same prison chamber that Ares is residing. He tells her looks forward to helping her see the error of her ways. She snarls that her father will find a way to rescue her but Ares is doubtful. He then asks where her father is and frustrated, she replies she does not know – but he is out there somewhere as she would feel it if he were dead.

Elsewhere, on a beach somewhere on Earth, a confused shadowy figure – presumably Darkseid – asks himself who he is and where he is? As he sets off along the beach he decides it is time to find out…


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