Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 44

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 44

General Info

Issue No:
44 (710)
On Sale Date:
April 2018
Cover Date:
June 2018
DC Universe
Story Title:
Amazons Attacked - Part Four

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Carlo Pagulayan
Jenny Frison (variant)
James Robinson
Emanuela Lupacchino
Ray McCarthy
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Dave Wielgosz (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Jason, Steve Trevor
Darkseid, Grail, Pardemons, Female Furies (Lashina, Mad Harriet, Gilotina, Stompa)
The Oddfellows (Charlie, Chief, Sameer)
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As Wonder Woman and Darkseid duke it out Grail tries to intervene but Jason swoops in to take her on. Meanwhile Steve, The Odd fellows and the surviving A.R.G.U.S. personnel take up defensive positions as Parademons attack them from all sides.

During the chaos however the now escaped Furies gather the remaining artefacts from the ruins of the A.R.G.U.S. building and hand them over to the minions. They give Darkseid the signal and he orders them to activate the device.

As Grail launches an attack on Wonder Woman keeping her pinned momentarily, he steps forward to the portal through which he can now see Themyscira. Stunned that he has managed to open a portal to her homeland, she breaks free of Grail’s grip and rushes to the portal intending to travel through and warn her Amazon sister sof his impending attack.

However, she smashes into the portal and bounces off, unable to traverse it. Meanwhile Grail steps forward and tells her father that she is ready. As she steps forward through the portal Wonder Woman asks how this is possible and Grail replies that the Gods do not permit those that have left the island to return. But the relics they have collected combined with the New Gods technology has enough connection to the ancient energy of the Themyscira to enable Grail to travel there.  She is a half Amazon who spent a brief time there when she had juts been born and although had been held in her mother’s arms, had never actually set foot on the island itself. Until now!

She steps through and on the other sides the Amazons see the portal open and prepare to defend themselves. But before a helpless Wonder Woman, Grail blasts them with her energy and transforms the Amazons into Parademons to serve her father!


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