Wonder Woman Conan – 6

Wonder Woman Conan – 6

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
February 2018
Cover Date:
March 2018
Non Canon
Story Title:
A Feast of Forbidden Flesh

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Aaron Lopresti
Neal Adams (Variant)
Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti
Matt Ryan
Saida Temofonte
Wendy Broome
Kristy Quinn


Diana (Wonder Woman), Conan
The Corvidae (Anive, Lila)
Hippolyta, Persephone, Io, Philomela, Atone, Artemis
Dellos, Kian
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On Themyscira Hippolyta reprimands her daughter for giving the Lasso of Hestia to Conan. Diana replies that she felt she owed him a debt saving her life and that she should be by his side as the battle hie now fights is hers.

The Amazon Queen tries to explain to her daughter that he is now dust in the sand and that the city is now forgotten to history. But Diana retorts that because of her there will now be a bloodstain instead of a civilisation. Hippolyta orders Diana to promise not to return and the Amazon Princess reluctantly agrees, before flying off to find some solitude on the beach.

Meanwhile, mow alone, Conan has been carrying out a guerrilla campaign taking out outposts of soldiers protecting the main force now besieging the city. The population is not terrified for their lives and a guilty Kian sees the fear and chaos around him. He curse the Corvidae for making death a form of entertainment.

At the slave prison Dellos confirms to the waiting Corvidae that all the slaves are now locked up by a single key that only he holds. Pleased they order the sacking of the city but see Conan standing in their way.

He plays to their spirit of betting and challenges them to put of their best fighter against him. If he wins the city and Yanna are saved. Intrigued they agree and Conan is pitted against a brute of a creature who knock shim around like a doll.

Back on Themyscira Artemis tracks down Diana and says that they can use the Magic Mirror to return and help Conan. Wonder Woman smiles as although she had made a promise to her mother she was not wearing the lasso of truth by her side. Together she, Artemis and the other three Amazons go back through the portal and arrive just in time to join the battle.

Conan uses the lasso Wonder Woman had given him to strangle his opponent before joining her side.

Kian manages to steal the key and freeing the slaves, they set upon Dellos before joining the city’s inhabitants in a final stand against the forces of the Corvidae.

IN an epic and glorious battle they defeat the odds and Conan and Wonder Woman finally confront the Corvidae who are still holding Yanna. As Anive flies away with Yanna Wonder Woman gives chase her while Conan takes on and kills Lila. The Amazon Princess fells Anive and Yanna and Conan are at last reunited.

She explains that when she had fallen into the canyon all those years ago she had floated downstream for a couple of days before finding the strength to climb onto the bank. Sadly, she also tells him that she is now married with five children.

She kisses him before bidding her farewell. Wonder Woman asks if he is OK and he replies that he is just glad Yanna is alive and well and has now a happy life ahead of her.

The two warriors then make their goodbyes to each other as Conan hands back her lasso. She kisses him and wonders whether that the fact he had thought she was Yanna means that perhaps there is an echo of every person in each dimension.

Bow back in the present day, Diana is sitting in civilian clothes writing her journal. She suddenly sees a man who looks almost exactly like Conan wearing a sharp suit. She asks him out to lunch and thinks to herself that it is too coincidental and that perhaps, like her and Yanna, this man is Conan’s echo…


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