Wonder Woman Conan – 5

Wonder Woman Conan – 5

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
January 2018
Cover Date:
March 2018
Non Canon
Story Title:
Like Blood From The Sky

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Aaron Lopresti
Neal Adams (Variant)
Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti
Matt Ryan
Saida Temofonte
Wendy Broome, Tony Avina
Kristy Quinn


Diana (Wonder Woman), Conan
The Corvidae (Anive, Lila)
Hippolyta, Persephone, Io, Philomela, Atone, Artemis, Philippus
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In another flashback to Conan’s childhood, we see him spend several days desperately trying to locate Yanna – or at least recover her body – but to no avail. Eventually he has to admit defeat and in mourning return to his village.

Meanwhile in the present on Themyscira Hippolyta hears good news at last and that her missing daughter has been located by the Oracle. She summons the Amazons and requests five volunteers to travel though the portal to retrieve her. As Persephone, Io, Philomela, Atone and Artemis step forward a crow sent by the Corvidae taunts them. But Artemis puts an arrow through it.

Back in the other world Diana and Conan make camp and she asks him why he is accompanying her when it is not his fight. When he replies that it is not her fight either she tells him that for some reason she believes all fights are hers to fight.

In the city the five Amazons materialise through the Magic Mirror portal and locate Dellos, demanding to know what he has done with the slave called Diana.  He tells them that may be a problem as she and her brutish companion have made some powerful enemies. The Corvidae then appear and summon a horde of creatures to battle the Amazon warriors.

Back at the camp Diana wakes to find that Conan has stayed awake all night to watch over her. He tells her that whether she be his Yanna or someone else, he will protect her as he had vowed. She smiles and hands him one of her bracelets as a gift.

As they set off again however they are confronted by the Corvidae who have the five Amazons prepared to be hanged by the golden lasso. They once again demand Diana and Conan to fight each other by he refuses. The Corvidae them materialise Yanna and seeing his long lost love in front of him, Conan wavers as Diana tells them that she will either fight them – or nobody.

But Conan pleads with her to pick up her sword and face him as he cannot lose Yanna again. He swings at her several times but she blocks his blows with her bracelet and refuses to fight back.

Meanwhile the Amazons work free from their bindings and as Diana grabs Conan’s arm and hurls him against a tree but he snarls that whether she likes it or not she must fight him. Enjoying the spectacle, the Corvidae reveal that they had stolen Diana’s memories, powers and her lasso.

As Conan hurls himself at Diana again sending her crashing to the ground, Philomela raises her bow and fires two arrows into the eyes of Lila. Enraged, Anive vows that they will all pay including Themyscira before both retreating and taking Yanna with them.

Artemis tells Diana that they have little time before the portal closes again and she must return with them to Themyscira. As she tries to protest that she cannot abandon the city and its people Artemis reminds her that this is not her world and that she also cannot abandon her Amazon sisters either.

Hugging Conan she tells him she is sorry and says she is going to leave a piece of her with him before departing with the other Amazons. He finds himself alone once more and is surprised to find himself holding her golden lasso in his hands….

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