(The) Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman – 6

(The) Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman – 6

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
July 2018
Cover Date:
September 2018
DC Universe
Story Title:
Chapter Six: The Evil Eye

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Troy Peteri
Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Brian Cunningham, Jessica Chen


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Balor Evil-Eye
Cernunnos, King Elatha, Captain Furf, Queen Ethné, King McCool, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Jim Gordon
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King Elatha’s elation at opening the portal soon turns sour as Queen Ethné and Captain Furf emerge, the latter gravely wounded. They explain to the King how his plan as unleashed a war in Tir Na Nog with he return of Balor. Meanwhile, Batman makes plans to get the emerging refugees under control and prepare for Balor’s approaching army.

King Elatha, watching his oldest friend, Captian Furf, finally pass away, vows to return to Tir Na Nog and confront Balor. Back in his homeland meanwhile, Wonder Woman, King McCool and the others battle the hordes. For his part, Batman flies his Batplane over the portal and uses sleeping gas to quell the refugees so that the authorities can deal with them.

King Elatha arrives on the battlefield, joining the fray and yelling for Balor to show himself. During the melee Cernunnos sees a spear flying towards Wonder Woman and places himself between the blade and the Amazon Princess, sacrificing himself. Sorrowful and enraged all at once, Diana flies off to confront Balor herself and bring an end to his carnage.

Elatha and Balor finally face each other alone. Balor unleashes a withering blast of fire burning the King. But wonder Woman arrives and punches him in the eye. She tells him this land is under protection and he challenges her to protect it, blasting her with even more powerful fire. But she uses her bracelets to protect herself and Balor decides to retreat. Diana rushes to where the baldy burned Elatha lies and he thanks her for saving him.

As the war pauses – at least for now – Queen Ethné attends to her husband’s wounds while King McCool discovers that Cernunnos has been reborn as an infant. Wonder Woman visits the King and apologises for failing him and his people.  He tells her that on the contrary, she had saved him and together with Batman had discovered the truth. She has brought him and his people time to prepare for the war ahead.

In the Batcave meanwhile, Batman tells Alfred that while the portal is now permanently open and the people of Tir Na Nog are free to travel between worlds again, they had sealed themselves off for a reason. He hopes they never find out the real reason why….


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