Justice League – Volume 3 – 43

Justice League – Volume 3 – 43

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
April 2018
Cover Date:
June 2018
DC Universe
Story Title:
Justice Lost - Conclusion

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
David Yardin, J.G. Jones (variant)
Christopher Priest
Pete Woods
Pete Woods
Willie Schubert
Pete Woods
Brian Cunningham, Rebecca Taylor


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Kal El), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Cyborg (Victor Stone,), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
Kid Flash (Wally West), Raven, Vixen (Mari McCabe)
Deathstroke (Wilson Slade), Red Lion (Matthew Bland)
Selina Kyle
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Deathstroke confronts the Justice League and says that they secretly must be thankful to him for killing The Fan, and he has now taken all the secrets he knew about them to the grave. He also reveals to them how they have been played and used as pawns by Red Lion.

When the Justice league Satellite had crashed here Red Lion had pushed all these refugees here so they would fell obliged to protect them. In reality however, the rebels with the guns are the old refugees and the people the League have been protecting were responsible for slaughtering the tribes that are now hunting them. He then tells them to get out of their way as he has a contract to fulfil.

Cyborg steps in his way,  saying that as leader of the team it is his call. He then asks if Deathstroke can back these warring factions down without killing anybody and the assassin replies that killing people is his job and goes with the territory. what would be in it for him? Cyborg replies it would be to get what he actually wants – and the reason he had helped Cyborg back at the palace by leaving the knife. Deathstroke wants to screw Rd Lion’s plan. He then indicates the news choppers circling overhead and adds that Red Lion wants a circus here today – American heroes in an African Vietnam. “Let’s not give it ti them.”

Deathstroke replies that he always honours his contracts but Cyborg says he has an idea…

Meanwhile Raven takes Wonder Woman’s pain into herself and tells Flash that Diana must do the rest herself. Although Superman had cauterised her neck wound she has lost a lot of blood. Her life is on a knife edge.

In her dreams Wonder Woman confronts Thanatos, God of Death, taunting her that she has failed in her mission to bring peace and that she should give up and die.

Back in Africa Deathstroke attacks the Justice League, taking them down one by one. Once the last hero has fallen the faux refugees flee in fear.

Wonder Woman wins her internal battle and uses her self belief to vanquish the vision and comes to. She and Flash then race to Africa where Diana sees her fallen colleagues. She manages to punch Deathstroke before Cyborg reassures her that they are all fine and that it had all been a ruse. He then addresses the rest of the league and says that conflicts like this are taking place all over the world and have done for decades. So who are the league willing to kill to force their own ideology on them? There is a huge difference between stopping a bank robbery and changing human nature. They cannot change what is happening here and they have to accept that. Which is probably going to be the league’s hardest challenge.


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