Justice League – Volume 3 – 37

Justice League – Volume 3 – 37

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
January 2018
Cover Date:
March 2018
DC Universe
Story Title:
The People vs. Justice League - Part 4: The Fan

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Pete Woods, J.G. Jones (variant)
Christopher Priest
Philippe Briones
Philippe Briones
Willie Schu
Gabe Eltaeb
Brian Cunningham, Rebecca Taylor (Associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Kal El), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Cyborg (Victor Stone,), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)
The Fan (Joshua Christian)
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We discover that in fact it was Simon posing as Bruce Wayne/Batman and having been captured by The Fan, who has him prisoner, he learns how far from wanting to destroy the league The Fan is attacking those who are threatening the league – a group of heroes who he has always loomed up to and admired.

Batman and Green Lantern (Jessica) track down the last known whereabouts of Simon and using the evidence Batman deduces that The Fan is not a copycat – he is a collector. Cyborg then contacts them and confirms Batman’s suspicions that their foe has infiltrated the Justice League systems and knows all their secrets.

Meanwhile Simon overcomes his imprisonment and escapes to warn the league.

As The Fan arrives at a studio where a blonde female lawyer is being grilled in an interview live on TV about the public perception of the League and their activities he prepares to kill the interviewed only to have his shots blocked by the lawyer who reveals she has a Wonder Woman costume on. At first he assumes this is another copycat but as the interviewer removes a mask to reveal he is actually Aquaman he realises this is also the real Wonder Woman.

As the Batman and the two Lanterns arrives to take him into custody they discuss their options. The Fan knows everything about them so if they take him in and he testifies in a court of law that is the end of the league. Jessica asks if they could perhaps lock him up indefinitely? But as Batman wonders if that would even be possible as they do not know how far he has managed to infiltrate their systems, The Fan takes over the JLA satellite transporter and teleports them away so he can make his escape.

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