Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 35

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 35

General Info

Issue No:
35 (701)
On Sale Date:
November 2017
Cover Date:
January 2018
Story Title:
Times Past - Jason

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bryan Hitch
Terry Dodson (variant)
James Robinson
Emanuela Lapacchino
Ray McCarthy
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Andrew Marino (assistant)


The Deep Six
Glaucus, Stavros
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This issue focuses on Jason’s back story and briefly features Diana in her New 52 costume.



This issue starts with narration by Glaucus as he reflects on how he was given custody of Jason by Hippolyta and brought the boy up as his own.Even as a young boy Jason has begun to show his powers of flight and enhanced strength and Glaucus new that the time was fast coming when he would have to tell the boy who his true mother and father were. And how Hippolyta had decided that while she her new born daughter, Diana, could find a home on Themyscira, it would be so easy to hide her new born son on an island of women.

But even when the truth was revealed to him, Jason continued to love Glaucus as the father he never had and together they fished the seas, with Jason’s power of the elements coming in useful to locate where the fish were in the waters around their home land.

As he continued to mature Glaucus decided that it was time Jason was schooled in how to use his skills and he asked his life long friend, Hercules, to teach the boy all he knew – which he did.

But one day when Glaucus sees on the TV news a masked hero who saves the day he recognises straight away that it is Jason in disguise and decides the time has come to move on and leaver the boy to find his own way in life. He packs his bags one night and tells a shocked Jason that he is leaving as every few hundred years he becomes restless and needs to move on. He tells Jason it is time for him to become a man and that he needs to stay and look after the home – and he shows Jason a brand new boat he has bought him so that he can continue to be a fisherman and not get any further ideas of continuing his vigilante career.

At this point the narrative is taken over by Jason himself who explains that he had tried not to hate Glaucus for leaving him and never coming back and instead immersed himself in his fishing. He liked to party and enjoyed the company of many girls in an effort not to feel his isolation but it came to the fore again when he first saw Wonder Woman on the news.

She was indeed a wonder and he often wondered if she would ever try and seek him out – or indeed whether he should seek her out against Glaucus’ wishes. But it came down to a matter of courage.

One day when out on the fishing boat however he senses danger approaching beneath the waves and told the rest of his crew to get below.

Sure enough a dozen humanoid sea-creatures who called themselves the Deep Six emerged from the water intend on attacking and Jason grabbed a nearby harpoon ready to repel the boarders…