Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 34

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 34

General Info

Issue No:
34 (700)
On Sale Date:
November 2017
Cover Date:
January 2018
Story Title:
Children of the Gods - Part 3

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bryan Hitch
Tony S. Daniel (variant)
James Robinson
Sergio Davila
Scott Hanna, Mick Gray, Eber Ferreira
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Andrew Marino (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor
Grail, Jason
Althea, Philippus
Glaucus, Mateo, Basil, Stavros
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This issue would have been #700 had the series continued publication as one single volume.



This issue starts with a flashback to the night on Themyscira when, as per Hippolyta’s instructions, Jason was spirited off the island by Althea and Philippus. Ensuring that the nightly patrols have already passed by, the two Amazons emerge from their hiding place and Althea pushes a boat out into the water.

Philippus then sails to the mystic barrier separating Themyscira from the outside world and is met by Glaucus who is waiting in his own boat on the other side. Hippolyta had sent messages via carrier bird in advance requesting his help to take the boy and raise him as his own. Philippus reminds him of what the Queen had asked him to vow he would never reveal to Jason his true parentage but Glaucus replies that he cannot promise that.

Switching to the present day Jason is overjoyed to see his sister and the two of them warmly embrace. He tells her he has been watching her exploits and is so proud of her. Diana asks why he had never sought her out and he replies he had swore an oath to his father. She asks of Glaucus and is told he is still alive – his immortality having been gained by eating enchanted herbs while as a crewman of the Argo.

He adds that he has often wondered if Hippolyta has named him Jason in tribute to the captain of that vessel but of course he has never been able to ask her  face to face.

Jason then introduces his crew, Mateo, Basil and Stavros who are all in awe at being in Diana’s presence. However, he tells them that the two of them have a lot of catching up to do so says that he would like some private time with her. He then reveals that like Wonder Woman, he has the power of flight. As they set off towards land he adds that he has some – but not all – of the same powers as her and a few she does not.

They touch down in the ruins of an old fortress and Wonder Woman asks why, even though she understands he had taken an oath, he had never tried to get in contact with her – seeing as she is his sister after all? Jason replies that his father had not only revealed who his real mother was but also his father – Zeus. He knew of Hera’s jealous and vengeful rage and admits that until Diana had appeared in the world, he has been a little afraid of who he was.

Meanwhile back at A.R.G.U.S. headquarters Steve Trevor is checking in over the phone with Sasha Bordeaux when one of the scientists approaches  him. He is told that after further analysis of the artefact that Giganta had been trying to steal and which Wonder Woman had thwarted, they have determined it is ancient and that some of the metal in its core is from Apokolips…

Back in the Mediterranean Wonder Woman is explaining how even she has not been able to return to see her mother on Themyscira as she has learned recently that it is not that easy to simply come and go from the island.  Jason asks in that case how she had managed to find him and she tells him about Hercules’s death at the hands of Grail and the coordinates he had left for her. Wonder Woman then adds that now they have found each other they can together fight off Grail – and her plans to murder all of Zeus’ children – when she decides to finally come for them too.

They then continue to chat more. Diana tells him about the man in her life, Steve Trevor, and Jason explains how he prefers to keep a low profile and enjoys his work as a fisherman. The Amazon Princess wonders why her mother had chosen Glaucus to be his guardian and Jason surmises that Glaucus was one of the last two remaining survivors of the Argonauts along with Hercules. Perhaps because his immortality had not been gifted by the Gods, Hippolyta felt that he would remain under the radar.

As the sun begins to set Wonder Woman prepares to head back and report to Steve but suddenly Jason’s mood changes and he angrily tells her the appointed time has come. when she asks him what that means he replies that all their pleasant talk has been a ruse and like any good fisherman he has lured her into a trap. They may share the same blood but she means nothing to him. At that moment a boom tube opens and Grail emerges taking Wonder Woman by surprise and punching her several feet.

Wonder Woman gets to her feet and says that she had hoped Jason would fight alongside her to defeat Grail but her brother replies that instead she will have to fight the both of them. Wonder Woman then grapples with him and hurls him hundreds of feet into the distance. She then turns her attention to Grail.

Dodging her Omega beams Wonder Woman grabs Grail by the throat and slams her into the cliff edge causing it to collapse onto the beach below. As the Amazon Princess dusts herself off and asks who wants to fight her next she stares in shock to see that Jason, using his own special powers, has summoned a Tsunami and the wave crashes down on top of Wonder Woman momentarily knocking the air from her.

Grail then stabs Wonder Woman in the shoulder, pinning her to the rock face. Wonder Woman asks her brother if he is really going to juts stand there while this witch murders her but he replies that they are not going to kill her just yet as she is needed.

But when the time comes it will be him that will gladly do the deed.