Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 31

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 31

General Info

Issue No:
31 (697)
On Sale Date:
September 2017
Cover Date:
November 2017
Story Title:
Children of the Gods - Part One

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bryan Hitch
Jenny Frison (variant)
James Robinson
Carlo Pagulayan
Sean Parsons, Jason Paz, Scott Hanna
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Andrew Marino (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor
Grail, Giganta
Hercules (Paul Jackson)
Mary, Blake Hooper
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During the New 52 a Justice League crossover story called The Darkseid War hinted that Diana had not been the only baby that Hippolyta had given birth to that fateful night and that she had also produced a boy. At the time many fans were dismayed that the Amazon Princess’ uniqueness was being undermined by her having a brother and that she was once again having to share the spotlight with a male.

When Rebirth was launches shortly afterwards it seemed that these events had been quietly and conveniently forgotten but two and a half years later DC announced that the story line would be continued and the mysterious Jason would be revealed at last in a story written by James Robinson.


In Elexinor, Oregon a man named Paul Jackson picks up some supplied from the local town store. He is greeted by the owner, Mary, who comments how infrequently they see him come into town. As he pays for his goods she asks if he ever gets lonely living on his own up in the hills but he replies that he is healthy and that some folks are juts looking to lose themselves.

He drives back to his house and after packing away the supplies goes out into the forest to cut some wood for the fire. With one single handed strike he instantly cuts down a huge tree at the trunk. As the tree crashes down however he hears a female voice says “Nicely done Son of Zeus”.

He turns to see a fierce looking woman emerging from the bushes and annoyed that his secret life has been exposed he tells her that he had just wanted to stay hidden and that he was done with all the madness. He asks her who he is and she introduces herself as Grail, daughter of Darkseid. Although he has never heard of her he has heard of her infamous father however.

He asks her what she wants and she replies that Darkseid is a New God while he is an Old God. As such she requires his life force. “Simply put..you Die!”.

She launches an attack and manages to cut his chest with her scythe. He compliments her on drawing first blood as he transforms into his true self…Hercules! She  replies that the blade was forged by his uncle, Hades and he replies that surely she must mean Hephaestus.

Regardless, he launches his own attack and they fight but she eventually manages to outwit him and cutting him down with her Omega Beams she places a device on his back and drains the life force from the God, leaving him dead before departing through a Boom Tube.

Eleven days later in Los Angeles Wonder Woman lands a knock out punch on a rampaging Giganta and swiftly flies underneath the topping giant to ensure her fall does not crush any innocent bystanders.

As the authorities prepare to take the felled Giganta away she is greeted by an impressed Steve, who says that the artefact that villainess had stolen is still intact. As Wonder Woman tells him how she enjoyed some old fashioned super -heroing after the lies and half truths of the past few months, they are interrupted by a Lawyer named Blake Hooper.

At first Steve steps between them not liking his tone but Wonder Woman says she can speak for herself and ask him what he wants. He tells her is it fortunate that she is in Los Angeles as his office was wondering how en earth they would be able to get in touch with her. She replies that they have been trailing a series of thefts being made by Giganta across the country, stealing different artefacts from numerous museums. The trail had led them here.

She then asks why he needs to speak with her so urgently and he asks her if she knows of a Paul Jackson. When she shakes her head he continues that she may perhaps have known him better by his real name and that she has just become the heir to Hercules’ fortune!

Meanwhile Grail hands the device to a small figure and tells them to feed on Hercules life force. The figure, who is actually her father, a very young Darkseid, does so but she is disappointed to see that while growing some more, he has still not achieved full adulthood. She apologies and says she had hoped someone of Hercules power would be enough.

Darkseid replies that she needs to have a little more patience and that Zeus has plenty more children on Earth they can kill! They will just need to work faster…