Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 29

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 29

General Info

Issue No:
29 (695)
On Sale Date:
August 2017
Cover Date:
October 2017
Story Title:
Heart of the Amazon - Part Four

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jesus Merino
Jenny Frison (variant)
Shea Fontana
Inaki Miranda
Inaki Miranda
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Brittany Holzherr (Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Etta Candy, Steve Trevor
Abolith, Baundo, Cat Eye, Cheshire (Jade Nguyen), Plastique (Bette Sans Souci)
Sasha Bordeaux, Hamilton Revere, General Thomas
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Wonder Woman and Etta take on the five assassins. Although confident that their combined forces can take the Amazon Princess down they soon find themselves facing a formidable paring in Diana and Etta.

The fight is soon over leaving Wonder Woman to question a defeated Plastique with her lasso. Plastique reveals she had been hired by Doctor Crawford to cause the explosion at Etta’s brother’s wedding and that although she does not know who is behind the bounty on Wonder Woman’s head, they will be in touch via a secure app on her cellphone later tonight.

After Wonder Woman gets the password from the villainess Etta takes great pleasure in punching Plastique’s lights out for planting the bomb at the reception.

Juts then Steve screeches to a stop having heard the gun shots from several blocks away and is relieved to see Diana is alright. They embrace before the three of them return to headquarters at the Picket before more goons decide to show up.

After debriefing Sasha Bordeaux she reveals that word has got out about doctor Crawford’s gene splicing experiment on Diana. Apparently someone now wants to harvest her DNA and is prepared millions in bounty for her body. She goes on to add that whoever it is must feel it is a small price to play to potentially provide pharmaceutical companies with a Wonder drug that cure many diseases and illnesses.

Wonder Woman asks her if that is possible – and that her DNA could save thousands or ever millions of lives? Sasha replies that Intelligence believes it might be feasible. Wonder Woman says she needs some time alone to consider the implications of this revelation.

As she flies over Washington DC across the night sky she prays to her Gods for some illumination and ponders how she has always assumed she has been given these powers to save people lives by being a stronger woman, a better warrior and a more perfect Amazon. But perhaps she was given these powers to use in another way to bring peace and an end to suffering.

She also recalls a moment from her childhood when she had also prayed to the gods to give her strength for a tournament she was taking place in the following day and that she did not want to let her mother down. Hippolyta had overheard her prays and later, as she tucked Diana into bed, she had told her daughter how no matter what path Diana chose Hippolyta would always be proud of her.

But now, in the present day, she is no longer able to reach her mother for counsel and the Gods no longer answer. And even if they did would she really trust them anymore?

She returns to the Picket and tells her friends that she will collect the bounty herself and go willingly to the individual who has placed it on her head. They manage to trace the phone app signal to an address belonging to Hamilton Revere, a renowned geneticist who has worked on cures for just about every known illness.

Confident that he is the one behind this all Wonder Woman tells Etta and Steve that she must do this alone and sets off for his secure compound.

Once inside she is greeted by Hamilton and she says she is here of her own volition but that if he makes any untoward moves the government knows she is here. He smiles back and indicates the armed guards surrounding before replying “We ARE the government.”


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