Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 28

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 28

General Info

Issue No:
28 (694)
On Sale Date:
August 2017
Cover Date:
October 2017
Story Title:
Heart of the Amazon - Part Three

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jesus Merino
Jenny Frison (variant)
Shea Fontana
David Messina
David Messina
Saida Temofonte
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Chris Conroy
Dave Wielgosz, Brittany Holzherr (Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Etta Candy
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This issue sees a villain from the Dark Age make her Rebirth debut, in the form of the assassin Mayfly who first targeted Diana back in volume two, issue 78.


Diana visits the grave of Doctor Crawford before returning to the hospital to pick of Etta, who is being discharged.

They evening at Etta’s apartment Diana, who is deep in thought, is washing the dishes as Etta tells them to leave them for the Dishwasher machine. Diana accidentally cracks one of the dishes and seeing her friend is troubled Etta asks her what the matter is?

Diana replies that she doe snot want Etta to die. Her friend replies that her wounds were not life threatening and she is going to be just fine but Diana responds that she means she doe snot want Etta to die ever. Or Steve. Or any of her friends. One day there will come a time when even Wonder Woman will not be able to prevent that happening.

Etta hugs her and says “let it out” but as the two women console each other, an assassin named Mayfly is watching them through the window using a telescopic sight and opens fire.  Diana manages to react just in time and deflects the bullet with her bracelet.

Mayfly seems impressed but before she can open fire again she sees through her sight a plate whizzing through the air towards her and smashing her sight. Unperturbed she opens fire with a hail of bullets and as Etta dives for cover Diana continues to defend her friend.

As Etta hears the firing stop she turns to see Diana is now in costume and flying up to where the assassin is crouching on the opposite roof. She decides to retrieve her own gun and support Diana.

Wonder Woman grabs the rifle and snaps it in tow before taking on Mayfly in hand to hand combat. As the Amazon Princess demands to know why she is has attacked them Mayfly responds that she was testing just how fast Wonder Woman’s speed really is. It’s clear the Amazon is fast enough to stop a bullet travelling over  distance of forty feet but what about a closer range? Mayfly decides to test her theory and during the scuffle manages to draw another gun from an ankle holster and point it directly against a surprised Wonder Woman’s chest.

But before Mayfly can fire the gun is shot from her hands by a bullet fired by Etta from the apartment window. Wonder Woman uses the opportunity to elbow Mayfly in the face smashing her nose and causing it to gush blood.

Holding her nose Mayfly chokes “Are you trying to kill me” but suddenly Wonder Woman hears Etta cry out and turns to see her friend is alright and it was juts a Crow flapping at her. When Wonder Woman turns back however Mayfly has disappeared.

A relentless Amazon Princess unhooks her lasso and flies down the street spotting the fleeing assassin and ensnaring her in her golden rope. Wonder Woman then questions her and discovers that Mayfly is a Haemophiliac and she needs treatment. Diana asks how long and the reply is “within hours” so is relieved she has time to continue the questioning before seeking aid for Mayfly.

She learns that there is a Bounty – a large one –  for her body but Mayfly does not know who is behind the bounty. She was just a test subject for gene-bomb that had given her super speed but the bounty was put out there by the higher ups who she never got to see.

With that Wonder Woman asks Etta to throw down a set of hand cuffs and she proceed to bind Mayfly to a signpost. She then returns to the apartment and sees that Etta is still trying to flap the Crow out of the window. Wonder Woman recognises it as the messenger of Apollo and that there will be more assassins coming for them.

Wonder Woman tells Etta that she must get her to a safe house but an indignant Etta replies she is not an invalid yet and she is not leaving Diana’s side, before reloading her gun.

She adds that she is parked down the street but as they make their way back outside five more assassins are waiting for them.The two women look knowingly at each other and prepare for the battle ahead…