In this issue Rucka brings us the very satisfying conclusion of his “The Lies” story arc. In what I personally felt was a masterful example of adept and clever story-telling, he managed to undo all the harm that had been during Azzarello’s New 52 run – as far as the Amazons’ origin was concerned – and in a very believable way that made sense too. No longer were they child slaver murderers but instead were restored to their noble selves – selflessly protecting the world from ultimate evil and violence.

He also resolved the jarring and rather unsettling role Diana herself had been given by Azzarello, when he had made her the God of War. Like the faux Themyscira, this was all revealed to have been just another lie created to distract her from the truth.

Some fans had enjoyed Azzarello’s tenure on the book, feeling he had brought a fresh new version of the Amazing Amazon. Many however, like myself, had found his run to be purely an exercise in anarchy – purposely disrupting the ‘apple cart’ and almost going out of his way to cause controversy. This may have helped to sell books initially, due to the sheer “shock value”, but soon the damage that was being done to this character’s mythos, roots and core values became clear even to DC.

Wonder Woman has stood the test of time for over 75 years for a reason – and the New 52 was taking her further and further away from her true self.

That’s why I personally view “Rebirth” as DC’s apology – although they would never admit to that. A recognition that for the sake of chasing sales they had taken their eye off the ball and forgotten what an incredible legacy this character has and that they carry the ultimate responsibility of ensuring she endures.

And for me at any rate, Rucka’s arc had managed to bring home our Princess from the dark place she had been living in for many years. Finally we had a Wonder Woman that acted, thought and felt like the Diana we know and love. But with Rucka’s departure from the book, as well as the talented Liam Sharp, whose incredible artwork had been a joy to behold, would the baton be handed over to a receptive new creative team – or would they in turn have other ideas for Wonder Woman?