Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 21

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 21

General Info

Issue No:
21 (687)
On Sale Date:
April 2017
Cover Date:
June 2017
Story Title:
The Truth - Part Four

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Liam Sharp, Laura Martin
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Jodi Wynne
Laura Martin
Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle
Dave Wielgosz (Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor
Veronica Cale, Adrianna (Doctor Cyber), Colonel Marina Maru (Doctor Poison), Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
Phobos, Deimos, Ares
Isabel Cale
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Steve helps Wonder Woman to her feet as she clutches her bullet wound in pain. Steve tells her that Maru must have a high vantage point somewhere nearby with a sniper rifle. As he throws Diana to the ground once again dodging yet another shot, the Colonel calls in the rest of her squad to keep Wonder Woman busy so she can get a kill shot.

As a couple of vehicles screech into view Wonder Woman realises they are going to try and distract her. They open fire and Diana uses her bracelets to defend herself and Steve against the hail of fire as he climbs into the wrecked van to retrieve the heavy duty machine gun that had been used on them during the initial attack.

But even though Wonder Woman is able to deflect all the bullets being fired at her by the squad on the ground she cannot react in time as another sniper bullet from Maru strikes her. She winces in pain and asks Steve to return fire.

She steps aside allowing Steve to unleash several rounds at their attackers forcing them to now dive for cover too. This gives Wonder Woman the opportunity to leap up onto the rood of the van.

Meanwhile Maru lines her sight on where Wonder Woman is now crouching on the roof, smugly thinking that the Amazon has now left herself exposed again by keeping still too long. She fires but is shocked to see the Amazon Princess deflect the bullet without even looking. A smiling Diana then turns and looks directly at Maru through the scope, having successfully flushed out the Colonel’s location. Instantly she disappears from view and before Maru can react Wonder Woman is up on the rooftop and clutching her by the scruff of the neck.

She tells Maru that she realises it is the mercenary’s job, but she takes it personally when someone manages the feat of actually shooing her twice. The Amazon then punches her with such force that Maru is almost embedded in the concrete roof. She then turns her attention to the rest of the squad…

Meanwhile Veronica, Isabel, Cheetah and the two imprisoned demi-gods now in dog form fly in a helicopter towards the same barren island where Maru’s team had tracked Wonder Woman and Steve to. As Adrianna notifies Cale that the Amazon has neutralised Maru and her team and will no doubt be there in a few minutes, they disembark and Cheetah snarls how the place seems familiar. “Themyscira” she growls.

But Cale replies that no, this is not the Amazon homeland and that this has always been the problem in trying to locate it. It does not actually exist in our world. This place is merely a gateway. And Cheetah is going to help her unlock the doorway. With that she lets go of their leashes allowing the two hounds to run off.

Meanwhile on Themyscira itself, Hippolyta gathers her forces around the tree and tells her sisters that this is has always been the duty they have been called to…the purpose of their paradise and their lives. If today Themyscira falls then at least let their Patrons know they fought to the last to protect this world from the evil that resides inside the gateway…

Back on the other island the two dogs howl, calling for their father. Just then Wonder Woman carrying Steve arrives overhead and touching down, she orders them to cease and desist. They will not find what they are looking for here. They will only find lies. Cale replies it may be lies to the Amazon but for herself she will find salvation. But Diana replies that in that case she too has also been deceived. This place is not the way to Themyscira – it is merely a trick of the Gods.

Suddenly she grimaces in pain clutching her wrist. She removes her bracelet and sees that she is bleeding  from a the snake bite that has suddenly reappeared. At that same moment there is a huge boom and the towering tree materialises before their stunned eyes.

Cale instructs Cheetah to open what she believes must be the portal. A puzzled Cheetah asks “How?” as Wonder Woman warns her to stay back as it is a thing of darkness. They grapple with each other as Steve trains his gun on the snarling dogs, only to find Cale draw her own gun and place it against his head.

As Wonder Woman finally manages to pin Cheetah against the tree, pleading with her to remember herself and thing of her friend, Etta, a drop of her blood from her wrist wound falls to the floor and lands of the root of the tree.

There is a blinding light and the trunk of the tree opens revealing a portal. The dogs bound through into it and Cale sees Isabel is also stepping towards it. She runs towards her daughter to stop her as Wonder Woman tries to grab both of them but there is another blinding flash and the portal closes again taking the three of then with it.

Deep inside the bowls of the tree Cale calls out to her daughter who has disappeared. Wonder Woman holds out her hand and helps Cale to her feet, saying that she will help her to find her daughter.

As they cautiously make their way further inside Cale asks Diana where they are and she replies she does not know. Veronica says this is not here idea of a paradise island and Wonder Woman asks why she thinks this is Themyscira. When Cale tells her that is where she was told she must take Isabel, Diana responds that it has all been a lie and that she cannot go home, as she no longer know the way back to her homeland. She then wonders if they are perhaps both dead and they are in the underworld.

Just then they hear singing and Cale recognises the voice as that of her daughter. They turn a corner and see a now restored Isabel smiling back at them. As mother and daughter hug emotionally Wonder Woman sees that Isabel is not alone and there is also a handsome man sitting in a chair.

He asks the Princess is she is juts going to stand there or at least say hello to him? She replies bewildered that she does not know who he is or what this place is. He smiles and nods knowingly. He then introduces himself.

“I’m Ares. Welcome to my prison.”




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