Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 18

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 18

General Info

Issue No:
18 (684)
On Sale Date:
March 2017
Cover Date:
May 2017
Story Title:
Godwatch - Part Two

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bilquis Everly, Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Bilquis Everly
Scott Hanna
Jodi Wynne
Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Rebecca Taylor (Associate), Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Barbara Minerva (Cheetah)
Veronica Cale, Adrianna Anderson (Doctor Cyber)
Deimos, Phobos
Isadore Cale
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In this issue we see how Barbara Minerva became the Cheetah and why she hates Wonder Woman.


Veronica Cale, after almost a year of trying, finally manages to bring her friend back to life – of sorts – as a construct of Adrianna’s neural map that had been stored in the device before it had exploded. Cale says she is glad to have her friend back as she needs her help to save Isadora, which Adrianna is happy to do although she asks to now be called “Doctor Cyber”!

Meanwhile Diana is trying to dissuade Barbara from going on another archaeological expedition to discover the Gods. Her friend however reassures her that it will be fine and that she is only trying to raise funds at this stage. Diana then gives her friend a wrist communicator that will work even in the depths of the jungle and she asks her friend to call for help whenever she needs it – and Wonder Woman will be there for her.

After checking on Isadora, who is still a faceless shell of a young girl, Cale heads out to a dinner meeting with Minerva, who explains how she is wants to explore the myth of Urzkartaga To Barbara’s surprise Cale agrees to personally fund the entire expedition, unaware that Cale has other motives and is doing the bidding of Phobos and Deimos. They know that Minerva’s fate is to become the Cheetah and they do not want her new friend, Diana, to get in the way.

Doctor Cyber arranges to keep Wonder Woman busy with various emergencies as Barbara sets off deep into the jungle with her team, while also blocking the signal of the communicator.

When the lack of any contact from Barbara finally proves too concerning, Wonder Woman ventures into the jungle to find Barbara but is horrified to find that not only is her team dead, but Minerva herself has turned into a feral creature known as the Cheetah, who attacks the Amazon Princess in rage – demanding to know why her so called friend had never answered her distress signals.

As Wonder Woman tries to reason with her Phobos and Deimos secretly look on, satisfied that their work here is done – while back in the U.S. Cale hugs her daughter, crying and asking herself “What have I done?”…