Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 17

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 17

General Info

Issue No:
17 (683)
On Sale Date:
February 2017
Cover Date:
April 2017
Story Title:
The Truth - Part Two

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Liam Sharp, Laura Martin
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Jodi Wynne
Laura Martin
Dave Wielgosz (Associate), Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Barbara Minerva, Ferdinand
Veronica Cale, Adrianna (Doctor Cyber), Colonel Marina Maru (Doctor Poison)
Hippolyta, Philippus, Castalia
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On Themyscira the Amazons are encamped by the ominous tree and Castalia assures a forlorn Hippolyta that this is not a sign that her Daughter has fallen – only wounded.

Meanwhile back in the UK asylum Diana continues to hallucinate, having conversations with the talking snake, as it tries to prompt her to remember who she really is.

Across the Atlantic in New York city Etta, Steve and Ferdinand are taking a walk as they bring the Minotaur up to speed on Diana’s situation. But as they stroll Steve notices they are being watched by Maru’s hit team and suspects that Barbara has betrayed them.

In Cale’s offices Barbara is being asked why she wants to protect Wonder Woman and her friends, as the Amazon Princess only helped Barbara to become free of the Cheetah when she wanted something in return. Cale on the other hand has offered to free the professor of all of the negatives of being Cheetah but still give her all the power that becoming the creature gives. She continues to add that she needs a Demigod to locate Themyscira and if she cannot have Cheetah, then Wonder Woman is her only other option – so she will make the Amazon’s friends suffer in order to draw her out and persuade her to cooperate.

Barbara watches helpless as Team Poison open fire on Etta, Steve and Ferdinand and reluctantly agrees to become Cheetah again in order to save her friends.

In New York they, in turn, are surprised but relieved to suddenly see Maru’s squad cease firing and depart, and use the opportunity to get to the airport and fly to the UK.

As Cale completes the procedure that transforms Barbara back into a version of Cheetah – but one who still has her own free will and is no longer under Urzkartaga’s control – Ferdinand speaks with Diana in her call, showing her the Amazon’s costume and her glowing lasso and finally she smiles and says “Hello old friend…”


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