Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 16

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 16

General Info

Issue No:
16 (682)
On Sale Date:
February 2017
Cover Date:
April 2017
Story Title:
Godwatch - Part One

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bilquis Everly, Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Bilquis Everly
Bilquis Everly, Mark Morales, Andrew Hennessey, Raul Fernandez
Jodi Wynne
Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Dave Wielgosz (Assistant), Rebecca Taylor (Associate), Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor
Veronica Cale, Adrianna Anderson (Doctor Cyber)
Deimos, Phobos
Chimera, Isadore Cale
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After the Year One arc Greg Rucka starts a new one called “Godwatch”, which begins to link to the events of “The Lies” and “The Truth” story arcs. We also see how Doctor Cyber came to be!

New regular artist Bilquis Everly takes over drawing duties from Nicola Scott.


Cale and Adrianna are in their office reading the news which is full of coverage about Wonder Woman’s latest exploits, whether crime fighting or rescues – and even wrestling and subduing a Chimera which suddenly appeared in Washington DC!

Cale asks her friend how she is progressing on the Cyber-Walking project and Adrianna meekly replies that she is making some progress. Cale reminds her how important this contract is and that they need to make it work. Adrianna replies that it’s not a technical issue – more a biological one – as whoever is controlling the Cyber-Walker begins to hot-wire the wearer’s brain and with prolonged exposure will end up perceiving the real world as an alternate reality.  But Cale simply reminds her it has to work.

She then adds it is a far higher priority than following the exploits of Wonder Woman and when Adrianna asks why she hates the Amazon Princess so much she replies that her spouting about love and understanding will save the world is a lie – as love has never solved a problem – it creates them.

Meanwhile in Switzerland Cale’s daughter – Isadore, who is attending finishing school there – is looking at some paintings as part of a school outing. As the rest of the group move into the next room she is left alone admiring the artwork. Just then two male twins approach her and make small talk. One of them raises his staff and when the school teacher comes back into the room she finds Isadore on her own but she no longer has a face!

Back at Cale’s office she quickly receives the news but as she and Adrianna prepare to make their way to the airport the two twins force their way into the room. They introduce themselves as Deimos and Phobos and show Cale that they have Isadore trapped in Tartarus. If she wants to see her daughter again she must do as they say. Reluctantly she asks what they want of her and they reply that they need her to to use the Cyber-Walk technology to enter Wonder Woman’s mind and extract the location of Themyscira.

She asks why – as Gods – they are cannot do that themselves and they reply that they have already tried to no avail. They believe it has been hidden from them precisely because they are Gods and that Cyber-Walk will have more success.

A short while later at the lab Cale prepares to plug herself into the device but Adrianna insists that she does it – as the risks are too great.

At the city zoo Phobos and Deimos, together with the Cyber Walker being controlled remotely by Adrianna, materialise at the pen where the recently captured Chimera is being kept. The two gods use their powers to make the creature angry and it begins to blast fire from its mouth, causing the members of the public around the pen to flee.

A warden arrives with a gun but they knock him into the pen so he finds himself at the mercy of the creature. But as it blast him with fire Wonder Woman arrives and protects him with her bracelets.

As she attempts to calm the creature the Cyber Walker creeps up behind her and clamping its hand around her head, begins to enter her mind. As Diana screams in pain the Chimera reacts to protect her and smahes the Cyber-Walker across the pen, causing the system to malfunction.

As Cale tries to break into the chamber that Adrianna is lying in, clearly in pain and great danger, Wonder Woman tries to keep the Chimera from attacking the Cyber-Walker – unaware that it is merely a machine – but the creature torches the automaton.

As Diana stares in shock at the smouldering pile of machine parts, across the city Cale has finally hauled the badly burned and barely alive Adrianna out of the machine. Enraged with grief – she vows that “You will all burn…”