Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 15

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 15

General Info

Issue No:
15 (681)
On Sale Date:
January 2017
Cover Date:
March 2017
Story Title:
The Truth - Part One

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Liam Sharp, Laura Martin
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Jodi Wynne
Laura Martin
Dave Wielgosz (Associate), Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Barbara Minerva
Veronica Cale, Adrianna (Doctor Cyber), Colonel Marina Maru (Doctor Poison)
Hippolyta, Philippus, Castalia
Chris, Ferdinand
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At the end of this issue we see Rucka reintroduce a character he created during his original run on the title in the form of Ferdinand, the man bull.


Two psychiatric doctors are dong their rounds checking on their patients and one remarks to the other how the woman in this cell named Diana Princess is interesting as she believes she’s Wonder Woman. As they look in they see a forlorn looking Diana sitting in the corner of the room as she tries to process recent events and sort through her memories in a vain attempt to sort fact from myth.

Meanwhile on Themyscira Philippus finds her Queen staring across the ocean from her balcony. Hippolyta reassures her concerned general that she has made her peace and that she knows she will never see her daughter again. Just then Castalia approaches and tells them that there is something they must see urgently.

The three of them ride out to where the priestess shows them the gnarled tree towering over them. She tells Hippolyta that it had appeared just before dawn and it must be an omen of some kind. The Queen replies that it is a warning and that the Amazons must get ready to fight. “We hold the line here.” she says resolutely.

Back in man’s world Maru is debriefing Cale on how Trevor had thwarted their attempt to capture Wonder Woman. The Colonel adds that she and her Poison team had managed to track the fleeing Trevor and Amazon Princess as far as Odessa but then the trail had gone cold. Cale replies that Etta Candy has also gone into hiding.

Maru asks whether they should call for Circe’s assistance, but Cale says she is already in debt to the witch so would rather avoid doing so if she can help it.  She then says that they should keep focused on Etta who will reach out to Steve and the two of them will in turn eventually lead them to Wonder Woman. While Etta will be careful to hide her trail Ms Minerva will not be quite so subtle so they should look for signs of her having used her credit card etc.

In a safe house in Eastern Europe Steve finally rendezvous with a wounded Etta and Barbara. He asks them what had happened and hears how Sasha had betrayed them and everyone at the base had been killed. Minerva explains that it was done by a group called Godwatch – whom she once was a member of herself when she was Cheetah…

Back in England Chris is taking Diana for a ride in her wheelchair through the hospital gardens. He is talking to her, trying to connect but her mind is elsewhere. She hallucinates that she is talking to a snake who reassures that she will eventually work out what is truth and what is fabrication…

Back at the safe house Steve is un-trusting of Minerva’s motives but Etta tells him to back off. Barbara continues to explain that the group is lead by Cale, and includes Adrianna Anderson other known as Doctor Cyber as well as Team Poison.

Steve then interrupt and says they are about to be attacked as he spied Maru and her team creeping up to the building. As they prepare to make en escape Barbara says she must stay to make things right.

As Maru and one of her team burst through the front door the other two circle round the back of the house. The Colonel finds Barbara waiting for her who says “Take me to Cale”.

As Maru checks out back she sees her two team members are down and Etta and Steve have got away and head towards a train station.

Steve says they need Diana back to old herself but Etta says sometimes you need to rely on friends to help in desperate times. As they exit the train and approach a group of hobos they Etta speaks to one of them who has his back to her. He turns to reveal himself as Ferdinand…