Wonder Woman Conan – 4

Wonder Woman Conan – 4

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 2017
Cover Date:
February 2018
Non Canon
Story Title:
War and the WindRider

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Darick Robertson
Aaron Lopresti
Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti
Matt Ryan
Saida Temofonte
Wendy Broome
Kristy Quinn


Diana (Wonder Woman), Conan
The Corvidae (Anive, Lila)
Hippolyta (as a vision)
Kian, Dellos
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In another flashback to Conan’s childhood, we see him leave his parents to join Yanna on her quest to find herself and discover the world.

Back in the present day Diana and Conan are swimming towards the shore using driftwood and Diana tells him that she remembers none of what he recounts as far as this Yanna is concerned and that he should refer to her as Diana from now on.

They sneak ashore and after Conan robs a tradesmen they had for the nearest tavern. She tells him she has never drunk alcohol before but she will not be outdone by him. A couple hours later however she is in a bad way while Conan is as fresh as when he started.

A barmaid tries to persuade him to leave Diana’s side and come with her but he politely refuses. Next the Inn Keeper approaches and says that he has fallen in love with Diana ans asks her to be his wife but even in her drunken stupor she refuses before sleeping it off.

Meanwhile in the City if Shamar, Kian has made a good fortune on his recent betting but surprises Dellos when he states that he will forgo his newly earned wealth if Dellos frees Conan and Diana as slaves. Dellos asks why he would do such a thing and Kian replies that Conan had saved his life and he feels perhaps it is time to stop welching on promises made.

Dellos replies that while his gesture is a noble one he is too late as he had sold them both to a pirate ship which had sunk taking all on board with her.

Dellos then returns to his chambers to find Lila lying on the bed. She tells him that they are going to punish the two warriors for not fighting each other to the death. The Corvidae intend to unleash their army to destroy the town, killing every man woman and child. But the pair seem to have soft spot for slaves so she orders a horrified Dellos to wait until they arrive and then kill every single slave he has in his possession.

Back at the tavern Conan sees a soldier at another table eyeing Diana and asks if she is for sale. Conan replies bluntly that she is not. Meanwhile Diana is seeing a vision in her slumber of hers elf looking into a mirror and seeing herself in her Wonder Woman costume. She then sees Hippolyta appear and is told that she must go to save the city and not to trust Conan, who even now talks about selling her body to others. As Diana turns to away in the vision the image of Hippolyta reveals itself to be Anive.

Conan now finds himself surrounded by a group of the soldiers who have not taken kindly to his refusal and a fight breaks out. Diana wakes up and joins the fray. They then makes their escape on horseback and Diana gives Conan one more chance to go his own way but he says that he will see things through by her side.  Plus he still needs to finish telling her his story about Yanna.

As they ride off we go back to events in the past as the young Conan and Yanna find their way blocked by a group of slave traders who threaten them both. A fight breaks out and at first the combined skills of  Conan and Yanna seem to be winning the day, but the young girl takes a sword to the chest and plummets over the edge into a deep ravine as a distraught Conan tries in vain to save her from certain death…



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