Wonder Woman Conan – 3

Wonder Woman Conan – 3

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
November 2017
Cover Date:
January 2018
Non Canon
Story Title:
The Dance of Wicked Crows

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Darick Robertson
Aaron Lopresti
Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti
Matt Ryan
Saida Temofonte
Wendy Broome
Kristy Quinn


Yanna (Diana/Wonder Woman), Conan
The Corvidae (Anive, Lila)
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In another flashback to Conan’s childhood, we see him meet up with Yanna again the the next year’s annual clan gathering and his love for her is all the more stronger on seeing her. Initially they frolic and play but Yanna suddenly turns serious and tells him that he must forget about her as she is leaving her tribe. She even draws a dagger as he tries to stop her, warning him not to follow before running away…

Back to the present day and Diana and Conan find themselves under attack from a Great White Shark and still chained together, they use their manacles to break the creature’s neck. They then find some driftwood and climb on board to safety ans the rest of the sharks fed on the remainder of the crew.

Now stranded in the middle of the ocean with no food or water they pass the hours in conversation and in contemplation. Conan tells her this is not the death he had envisaged for himself. One day Diana asks if he likes women and when he replies rather surprised that he does, she smiles jokingly and tells him that it is a relief to hear as she was beginning to wonder if she repulsed him.

She then asks what if she is not this “Yanna” he remembers? He becomes sombre again and replies that in that case he will have lost her twice over. She tells him he is a good man and deserves better than the fading hope of an impossible dream.

Just then she spies two crows in the sky and says that they must be near land. But their joy turns to surprise when they hear a voice say “of a fashion” and find themselves transported to a dark landscape to be confronted by the Corvidae. The two crows transform into human form and introduce themselves as Anive and Lila.

They indicate their nest high up on a tree trunk which is lined with the many war treasures they have collected over the aeons – the dissected hearts of kings to the first rock that was used for murder. Diana demands to know what they want with her and Conan and the tell her that the Corvidae are gamblers. They wager blade on blade, brother on brother. They had plucked Wonder Woman and Conan, the greatest warriors of their age or any age, and forced them to confront each other hoping for the final battle of all battles – man versus woman. But on two occasions now Wonder Woman and Conan have battled but failed to achieve a victory.

Conan tells them that they are not their toys and to find other pawns to wager on. Angry the Corvidae summon beats from the ground and Diana and Conan find swords materialise in their hands. They are given the ultimatum to fight each other to the death or else their inwards will be next to line the nest.

But the Corvidae’s demands are refused and Diana smiles a knowing smile at Conan before they work together in effortless partnership to easily slay the attacking creatures. Diana then holds her sword at the Corvidae’s throat and demands to know who and what she really is. But in reply they create a vision of the city that the heroes had just recently escaped from and tell the heroes that in one week everyone in the city will be slain by their hordes. And after that Wonder Woman and Conan will fight to the death for their entertainment. Diana tries to plead they there must be a way to barter for the innocent city folks lives but are told it is too late before being transported back onto the raft.

Conan tells her how he hates magic and she says that she is sorry but they will need to part their ways as she means to return to the city to protect the people. He replies that he is not going anywhere and he will join her as her does not intend to lose her again. She reminds him that the Corvidae had revealed her to be a princess not some local hunter girl as he had described Yanna to be. But he tells her to sit down and that before they swim to shore she needs to hear the rest of the tale.

He then explains that after Yanna had run off he had chased her down and the crying girl had told him that she is set to take over the leadership of the clan from her mother but she yearns to see the rest of man’s world and that is why she is going to run away against the wishes of her people.

He asks her to take him with her and when she asks what of his own family and tribe he replies that it his life to squander or otherwise – and he chooses to be with her.



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