Wonder Woman Conan – 2

Wonder Woman Conan – 2

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 2017
Cover Date:
December 2017
Non Canon
Story Title:
Blade Bracelets and Blood and Sand

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Darick Robertson
Aaron Lopresti
Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti
Matt Ryan
Saida Temofonte
Wendy Broome
Kristy Quinn


Yanna (Diana/Wonder Woman), Conan
Dellos, The Corvidae
Kian, Tyas, Captain Fan-sa
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Conan and Diana are out of the count locked in their cell and Conan dreams of his tine spent with the young girl Yanna, who he had learned lived with a race of women. She proved her hunting and fighting skills were a match for him but as they had strolled one day she had showed him a large cavern and shouting out showed him how an echo works. As she had mulled over whether there were echoes of them somewhere out there she had lost her footing…

Back in the present day the captives hear a voice and the young boy Tyas says he has come to rescue them. But Dellos and his men are right behind him and says he is too late. It is time for the the trial by combat.

Conan and Diana find themselves face to face in the arena ready to battle to the death. He tells her he has no intent on killing her but she wastes no tine attacking him. The battle seems evenly matched as the Corvidae sneak into the crowds in the guise of women to watch the spectacle.

As an increasingly frustrated Conan tells her “I do not want to kill you but neither do I want to Die Yanna” this combination of words strikes a chord with her and she is momentarily distracted. He uses the opportunity to knock her out with a powerful blow.

Dellos decides to sell them to a pirate ship crew to serve out the rest of their days. As Conan once again dreams of how he had tried to save Yanna as she hung on for life he is awoken by Diana who tells him he has been holding her hand while dreaming.

As the days pass endlessly the two are forced to work hard with the other salve crew members. One day however as Diana handles some rope she feels a memory stir and tells Conan that they must return to land. They become aware however that they have become surrounded by the other slaves crew members, who say that their luck has turned for the worse ever since the “witch”Diana came on board and that they are going to throw her overboard – but not before having some fun.

Diana replies that she would prefer the sharks and punches the lead crewmen. As a fight breaks the ship is suddenly rocked by a patrol vessel that rams them. She tells Conan its time to abandon ship and still chained together he has no choice but to leap after her into the shark infested waters!


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