Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman – 6

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman – 6

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 2017
Cover Date:
October 2017
Non Canon
Story Title:
Different Flowers From The Same Garden

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Cat Staggs | Nicola Scott (Variant)
Andy Mangels
Judit Tondora
Judit Tondora
Kathryn S. Renta
Roland Pilcz
Matt Idelson, Kevin Ketner (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana), Jaime Sommers
Doctor Cyber (Gloria Marquez), Doctor Solano, Orlich Hoffman, Doctor Franklin, Captain Radl, Callahan (Fembot), Fembots, Mister Karp, Gerent (Alex 8000)
Hippolyta, Wonder Girl (Drusilla), Amadonna, Nubia (Carolyn Hamilton), Fausta Grables
Rudy Wells, Joe Atkinson, Steve Trevor
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This mini-series saw an inter-company tie up between DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment, the latter whose stable of characters covered a wide range of classic pulp and TV based characters. This included Jaime Sommers, otherwise known as the Bionic Woman, as played by Lindsay Wagner in the 70’s TV series.

Lifelong Wonder Woman fan Andy Mangels had the brain wave to write an adventure, whereby the Bionic Woman teams up with the other famous 70’s TV heroine of the time, the iconic Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman. Together they would have to face off against a number of their respective foes from the TV shows.

Using actual depictions of some of the characters from both series, the comic was a true love letter to both characters and contained many Easter eggs for fans to enjoy.


Wonder Girl manages to save the choking captives from the poison gas released by Doctor Cyber while back on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman and Jamie uses their strength to separate the powerful Stones of Seteria kept in the Temple of Athena.

The resulting Electro Magnetic Pulse shorts out all of the Fembots enabling the Amazons to deal with the remainder of the Cabal’s troops. Captain Radl falls to his death after refusing to be saved by Fausta, while the others are taken into custody.

However, Doctor Cyber manages to escape, as Solano sacrifices himself to self destruct their facility and she calls for extraction from Gerent, her boss. But her request is denied and she is left adrift in the ocean. Meanwhile Gerent is revealed to be a Fembot called Alex 8000.

Back in Washington everybody gathers to toast their victory and the safe return of Joe Atkinson “from the dead”.

Diana and Jamie bid each other farewell but hope that as friends they will remain in touch and perhaps work together again someday.