Justice League – Volume 3 – 31

Justice League – Volume 3 – 31

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 2017
Cover Date:
December 2017
Story Title:
Legacy - Conclusion

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bryan Hitch
Nick Bradshaw (Variant)
Bryan Hitch
Fernando Pasarin
Andy Owens, Oclair Albert
Richard Starkings
Brad Anderson
Brian Cunningham
Amedeo Turturro (Associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Cyborg (Victor Stone,), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Mera
Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
The Darkness
Hippolyta (Sovereign)
Hunter Prince, Cruise (Nora Allen), Cube (George Marvin Stone), Jason Allen, Jenny Allen, Serenity (Eldoris Curry)
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Goaded on by The Darkness possessing her Wonder Woman attacks Hippolyta intent on killing her. As the children look around them they can see that all of the Justice League is now in its thrall and realise that they are going to have to battle their own parents if they are to both survive and save the world. But this is the very reason they had travelled from the future and are prepared to do what is required.

As the children take on their respective parents Hunter intervenes to prevent Wonder Woman slaying the almost defeated Hippolyta. The Darkness seems to almost panic, telling the Amazon Princess that she must be careful not to harm him.

Meanwhile personal battles are taking place all around as each sibling tries to reason with their mothers and fathers.

Aquaman tries to battle Superman who is driven by pure rage and tears one of Aquaman’s mechanical arms off. Just as it seems the King of the Seas is doomed however, Batman arrives on the battlefield with a Solar Flare staff which weakens the Man of Steel.

As Aquaman then goes to the aid of Serenity against a raging Mera he reveals how the reason he had killed Mera in the future was to protect Serenity, as Mera had been possessed by the Darkness and was going to kill their daughter. As the girl realises she has misjudged her father all these years and that he had sacrificed himself to save her, Mera attacks him.

Jason and Jenny are struggling to keep Green Lantern Jessica at bay and save the wounded Simon. They join to create Black and White light that heals Green Lantern Simon and knocks Jessica flying.

Meanwhile Hunter manages to strike Wonder Woman down with his trident, but as he prepares to apply the killing blow, with The Darkness telling him to complete the task and become what she had failed to, the weakened Hippolyta reveals to him that far from abandoning him when he was born, she had known that The Darkness was already beginning to affect her. She felt that he had been conceived by The Darkness, who had whispered to her that he would become the embodiment of a new dark power. She had therefore given him up to save him. She had tried to hold back The Darkness as long as possible to buy time to give him up to people she could trust – Clark.

Then, knowing that she was about to become what The Darkness wanted her to be, she had taken her own life to save the world. But it was too late and The Darkness began to infect the entire world. But Hunter had been saved – and was protected – through her loving act.

This Darkness is what lies at the heart of everybody the Justice League strives to protect. It’s their Darkness given life. And Hippolyta was no different as her own dark rage came to the fore after the death of Diana.

Hunter asks how they can save Wonder Woman and the others now? They couldn’t defeat the evil in the future and now it is even stronger in this time. They need to help their parents see past this hatred and help them find their true selves.

Jason and Jenny join forces again and project a message of love across the battlefield, and the waves wash over the heroes snapping them out of their possession and driving the Darkness our of their bodies and into the open.

Now held in a force-field the League wonder how they can dispose of the still dangerous and powerful enemy, so Hippolyta and Aquaman sacrifice themselves and volunteer to become the new hosts and boom tube themselves to nowhere…forever.

One week later at Amnesty Bay the heroes say their sad goodbyes as the children return to hopefully a new brighter future. And once their vanished the League themselves wonder whether their futures will now also be different…better…

Only time will tell.


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