Justice League – Volume 3 – 28

Justice League – Volume 3 – 28

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 2017
Cover Date:
November 2017
Story Title:
Legacy - Part Three

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Bryan Hitch
Nick Bradshaw (Variant)
Bryan Hitch
Fernando Pasarin
Matt Banning
Richard Starkings
Brad Anderson
Brian Cunningham
Amedeo Turturro (Associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Cyborg (Victor Stone,), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Mera
Hunter Prince, Cruise (Nora Allen), Cube (George Marvin Stone), Jason Allen, Jenny Allen, Serenity (Eldoris Curry), Steve Trevor, Jon Kent, Lois Lane, Silas Stone
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Hunter enjoys a family meal with the Kent’s. As he goes to check out the rest of the house with Jon, Clark tells Lois that  although the League had dealt with the immediate threat of the Kindred they had not investigated further what they had been really up to. And the fact that they haven’t may already be too late to prevent the calamitous future from which the children have travelled back in time from. Lois reassures him that as Superman he has never given up and that it is never too late. She adds that maybe the children are not displaced and that they are exactly where they need to be right now.

Meanwhile else the other leagues members enjoy spending time with their newly discovered children. Mera takes Eldoris to Arthur Curry’s lighthouse and explains the recent events in Atlantis. Victor and his father Silas run checks on Cube who is enjoying plugging into the data “noise” of a thriving, living world again. And Barry and Jessica continue to bond with Jason, Jenny and Nora.

Elsewhere at Midway City, Simon Baz as Green Lantern is running checks on the quarantined disaster site with Steve Trevor. A scan reveals that there is an unknown infection tainting everything. Green Lantern confirms that both her and Steve are clean for now and that once the evacuation has been completed by the authorities he is going to lock the site down.  As he sets to work however he thinks he hears voices…

Meanwhile on the Watchtower Wonder Woman is alone with her thoughts. She requests the computer to retrieve some video files from the archive that were taken just after the Kindred event.

As she watches them she says that the Kindred had told her she would have a part to play in what was to come. They had told her that soon she would know who she is. And indeed she has learned that much of her life recently has all been a lie. Now more than ever, even without her lasso, she knows the truth of things.

The video switches to the Fear Creature. She ponders that she had been prepared to go to war against the world that day. The creature had not made her feel that – those feeling had already been there.

She then asks to switch the video view to Midway City as she knows it must all be connected. She recalls standing in the ruins and feeling what the victims had all felt as they tore each other apart in fear and hatred.  She recognised it like with the fear creature but this time much more powerful. And then the portal had opened and the children had arrived from the future.

And she had felt it again momentarily from the other side of the portal in the future, while it was opening. She could feel her part in that future like a great wound. She has been testing the truth of things ever since those children had arrived, but can find no trace of deceit or falsehood.

Which can only mean one thing. What if the darkness that comes, the conflict that will cause the death of billions, is her?

“What if the war was with me?” she wonders?.

Back down on Earth Cube has been monitoring her movements and reaches out to Hunter telepathically. He tells him that Wonder Woman knows. Hunter replies that this means there is still a chance to save the world.

They will have to kill Wonder Woman.

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