DC Bombshells – 26

DC Bombshells – 26

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2017
Cover Date:
July 2017
Non Canon
Story Title:
All Good Things

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Marguerite Sauvage
Marguerite Bennett
Carmen Carnero, Rachael Scott
Mirka Andolfo, Richard Ortiz
Wes Abbott
Nanjan Jamberi
Jessica Chen


Supergirl (Kara Starikova), Raven (Rachel Roth)
Zatanna Zatara, Shazam (Miri Marvel), Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel), Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley), Aquawoman (Mera), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), The Question (Renee Montoya), Vixen (Mari), Hawkgirl (Shiera), Catwoman (Selina Digatti), Big Barda, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
Alexander Luthor, Baroness Paula von Gunther, Cheetah (Barbara Minerva),
Steve Trevor, John Constantine, Blondie, Fawkes, Margaret Sawyer, Alysia Yeoh, Bette Kane, Cullen Row, Harper Row, Katherine Duquesne, Nell Little, Lois Lane, Killer Frost (Louise L'innconnue), Reaper (Andrea Gruenwald), Hila, Amanda Waller
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Series features an alternate take on DC’s main heroines. It was initially published as a weekly digital title and then the monthly print version was published afterwards.


1942. Shazam escorts a group of refugees to Atlantis, where they are given shelter by Queen Mera. Poison Ivy grows new and better crops to help stop famines. Zatanna and Constantine mentor Raven. Hawkgirl and Vixen hunt for lost Thanagarian relics. Batwoman keeps spying for Waller. Maggie Sawyer and the Batgirls keep Gotham safe. Wonder Woman fights tough in the Western Front. In Istanbul, Supergirl and Steve Trevor catch a train. And Lex Luthor is watching every Bombshell.

Atlantis. Raven suffers from terrible visions which lead her to believe she must depart and find her father, in spite of Zatanna and Constantine trying to dissuade her from it. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn also need to leave. Ivy believes she can put her abilities to good use and help end the Russian famines. Raven stows away on their luggage.

Istanbul. Kara Starikov is heading back Russia, escorted by Steve Trevor and determined to break her father free from a gulag. She is still in pain due to her sister’s death but trying to move forward. Being a war veteran and having suffered from PTSD, Steve is very sympathetic and tries to help out with the grieving process. So he suggests that they go to the dinner dance on the train.

The pair of friends make their way to dance floor, where they unexpectedly meet Lex Luthor, claiming he would like a dance with Kara. Kara replies she will be happy to, but she is of no use to him. She has been unable to fly since Kortni’s death. She is a worthless pawn.

While dancing, Kara tells Lex she is wallowing in pain after losing her family and being used by Communist and Western governments, so that is his obvious clue to pretend that he cares for the grief of the fresh-faced, naïve, disenchanted, mourning country girl and try to trick her into spying and killing for him. Or “console” her in her hour of need. Lex replies not even he is so much of a monster to seduce a nineteen-year-old girl.

He admits, though, that he came to make her an offer, a proposal to hunt other monsters. He pulls out a Kryptonite dagger and tells she can use it on her true enemy.

Kara gets sick and dizzy right away and stumbles against a wall clock, shattering it easily. A German and a Russian spy recognise her and join to dispose of her. Kara points out that they can not fire in there. A stray shot could pierce the gas wiring and inflame the car. They don’t listen to reason and the ensuing gunfight ignites a fire on the train.

Kara recalls Lex asking who her greatest enemy is, and wonders if that person is herself.