Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 7

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 7

General Info

Issue No:
7 (673)
On Sale Date:
September 2016
Cover Date:
November 2016
Story Title:
The Lies - Part Four

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Liam Sharp, Laura Martin
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Jodi Wynne
Laura Martin
Dave Wielgosz (Associate), Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Lieutenant Etta Candy, Steve Trevor
Colonel Andres Cadulo, Urzkartaga
David, Chris, Manny, Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
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As has been mentioned previously the sudden disappearance of Frank Cho variant covers was accompanied by much rumour about a falling our between artist and writer regarding the sexualisation of Diana as depicted in Cho’s artwork. Cho himself seemed to allude to this in posts on social media but there was no official comment from DC. However, a similar alleged disagreement between Rucka and artist at the time Adam Hughes – regarding over sexualised depictions of Wonder Woman – also ended with the artist and writer parting their ways during Rucka’s first run on the book.


After Wonder Woman frees the men and the young girls from their pens she tells the soldiers to take the girls and get out of the temple as quickly as possible. Before they exit they tell her that Steve had been leading them on a mission to prevent Cadulo performing a ritual to free the God Urzkartaga by giving him a human form.

As Wonder Woman and Cheetah make their way to the chamber they see Steve bound and Cadulo making a cut across his own chest before a altar statue to Urzkartaga. Suddenly the statue comes to life and the creature reaches forward and thrusts its arm into Cadulo’s chest, becoming one with him!

Wonder Woman frees Steve and fights Urzkartaga. As Cheetah rounds of the rest of the imprisoned young girls Diana tells her that she has been wrong all along and that Urzkartaga is afraid of both these young women and the Cheetah who are in fact his wardens.

Directed by the Amazon Princess the girls encircle the creature with the magic lasso and Urzkartaga is destroyed.

As the dust settles Wonder Woman sees that Cheetah has returned to her normal form and cradles the weeping Minerva as the memories of all the death and hurt she has caused while in her animalistic form engulf her.