DC had announced a couple of years ago that they would be releasing a Wonder Woman Earth One Trade Paperback, recounting the Amazon’s origin story. It is believed that Rucka had originally wanted to write this, but in the end it was Grant Morrison that was given the opportunity to tell a very different, and typically Morrison-esque take on the Amazon Princess and her mythos in Wonder Woman Earth One.

It was suspected by many that the Year One story arc presented here was in fact the tale that Rucka would have told if he had been given the chance, and that perhaps it had been the writer that had persuaded DC to let him write two parallel stories in order for him to have the ability to finally share his vision of Diana’s origin. This theory gains credence given that no other book was given this dual story arc approach as part of rebirth.  Was this perhaps the condition that Rucka made to DC? That he would come back on the book but only if he could tell his Year One story too?