Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 12

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 12

General Info

Issue No:
12 (678)
On Sale Date:
December 2016
Cover Date:
February 2017
Story Title:
Year One - Part Five

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Nicola Scott, Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Nicola Scott
Nicola Scott
Jodi Wynne
Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Rebecca Taylor (Associate), Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor, Lieutenant Etta Candy, Barbara Minerva
Commander Michaelis
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This issue caused a stir amongst fans and even the press when Diana seems to imply that she had a “special” person back on Themyscira – in other words, a lover. Rucka even went on record as saying that he considered Diana was bi-sexual and growing up on an island occupied only by women, it would make perfect sense for some to become lovers – even sexual partners.

During George Perez’s run he had also implied that some of the Amazons were indeed lesbians, but he never actually ever included Diana in that implication.


Commander Michaelis, Etta and Barbara are reviewing the footage of Wonder Woman taking down the Sear terrorists. Although thanks to Diana they actually have suspects in custody which they have never previously managed to achieve, Michaelis tells them that none of the men in custody are talking about what they know.

Meanwhile Steve and Diana are testing the limits of her newly acquired powers, including speed, flight and the ability to converse with animals. As they take a rest the two talk and Steve learns how the young Amazon Princess can never return to her homeland – having to say goodbye to both her mother and her closest friend, Kasia. Steve takes her hand, realising just what a sacrifice she has made to bring him home.

After returning to the base Commander Michaelis brings them up to speed and shows Diana the tree emblem. The Amazon Princess tells them that she had seen such a tree on her homeland a few days before Steve had crashed on the island. Although she knew every part of Themyscira she had never ever come across this strange, barren tree before. A tree made of darkness. She asks to question the men and once in their presence, she uses her lasso on them.

She discovers that they have been poisoned with something called the Maru virus that makes them filled with hate and rage for all things. Steve’s aborted mission had been to recover a sample from the lab where it was being made and then destroy it.

As Michaelis, Etta and Steve discuss how it seems obvious the Sear group is planning a major attack Barbara takes Diana outside for a moment. The archaeologist had been wondering about the name Sear and having rearranged the letters had determined that it also spelt the name of the war god, Ares. Diana realises that the same madness and horror that the Maru virus creates is exactly what Ares would wish to see spread across the world.

Suddenly there is an explosion and as Wonder Woman and Barbara get to their feet they see Ares standing before them, clutching Steve around the neck.  “Princess of the Amazons…I have been waiting Aeons to meet you”!